Moon in the Zodiac


The descriptions on our website contain the emotional state of people and the appropriateness of different kinds of activities over the periods of the Moon in individual Zodiac signs. Moon passes a sign of the zodiac in 2 – 2.5 days.



Emotional state of people and the appropriateness of different kinds of activities over the periods of the Moon in individual Zodiac signs.


ARIES: People are governed by the spirit of enthusiasm and energy and overwhelmed by ambitious aspirations, which are often selfish and aggressive. Aggressiveness increases when the Full Moon is in the sign of Aries. Actions are based on impulse rather than reason. Ostentatious display of feelings is typical of this period. With all the desire to burst out in storms and onslaughts, you should remember the feelings of others and respect them, avoid temperamental outbreaks such as "that's what I am," and moderate your selfishness. Try not to start disputes. During this period, the risk of head injury is rather high. It is not advisable to have your teeth pulled out, undergo plastic operations, or squeeze pimples on your face.
This period is good for all tasks which can and should be settled quickly. It is favorable for taking measures related to industry, technology, iron, fire, machinery and tools, as well as chemicals. It is also good to talk with the management, to go on planned trips, to purchase textiles, jewelry or household appliances.
This period is bad for everything which threatens to become protracted, time-consuming to implement. This time is not good for marriage, cash management, long-term investment, or concluding deals.

TAURUS: Materialistic disposition, inclination to stability, permanence is dominant at this time. Increased stubbornness is also typical. Strong need for financial and material reliability is an important motivation. However, in this period, people are sensitive and susceptible to the earthly beauty of the world, the small pleasures of life, including those related to food and sex. Protect your throat from cold; it is advisable to refrain from tonsils being removed, injections, and avoid bleeding.
This time is good for anything requiring long time to complete or remaining important for long: love, marriage, friendship, and meeting new people (especially women and artists). This period is perfect for everything related to fashion, jewelry, acquisition of property, cultural activities, or entertainment. It is advisable to continue and complete the activities commenced earlier. It is also good for trips, purchase of clothing and livestock, organization of parties with refreshments. The highest probability of success is in the area of quick cash flow: in the market of goods for mass consumption or those for which the demand is high. Retail trade may also be successful.
This period is bad for everything associated with risk or quick decisions. It is necessary to be careful when working with fire, metal, sharp instruments, or dangerous machinery. It is recommended to take care of your wallet – it may become bait for others.

GEMINI: The position of the Moon in this sign reinforces the richness of imagination, ingenuity, but, at the same time, this period is that of indecision, unshaped desires, and contradicting aspirations. Lightness of perception and talkativeness are typical, the latter sometimes turning into gabbing. Intellectual needs and mind games are becoming more important than practical considerations. Increased lightheadedness, inclination to ill-considered decisions and statements are typical. At this time, following parts of the body are in danger: clavicle (hands broken easily), lungs (cold!) and nervous system (do not overload; when you are irritated, you need to drink calming herbal infusions - valerian, motherwort, calendula).
This time is good for everything associated with communication, all forms of contacts, short-term issues, the exchange of news and information, radio and television appearances, and interviews. Commercial transactions, exchange operations, contracts, auctions and sales, short holidays, flights, learning new professions (but not during the whole Full Moon or the Moon in the perigee), business meetings and correspondence may all work out well. This time is appropriate for taking up writing, expressing your thoughts on paper, solve puzzles, give speeches, or dream new ideas. It is also good for country walks, banking, research, construction, digging wells, and cattle breeding.
This period is bad for all protracted activities requiring a lot of time to implement, all events related to love, marriage or partnership. It is unsuitable for any property purchases and hiring new employees. You need to be careful if you go on long trips, especially when trekking in the mountains.

CANCER: In this period, people are hyper sensitive and more prone to getting offended than usual. Their maternal instinct increases, just as their desire to patronize and take care. Their need of sympathy becomes greater, just as the longing for kindness and attention from their immediate environment, while their mistrust turns aggravated. It is the time of intense emotions and suppression of rationalism. During this period, it is necessary to strengthen the self-control not to cause or suffer emotional injuries. Under the Moon in Cancer, circumstances are favorable for conceiving a child: women’s conceiving ability improves, while sperms are particularly active. It is necessary to protect the mammary glands and stomach; the risk of food poisoning increases, while the effects of alcohol are especially harmful. It is advisable to refrain from operations on the stomach and chest.
This time is good for the realization of everything which is fast, update, or needs quick processing – shopping, trading activities, crafts, and folk art. This time is favorable for home and family matters, relationships, initiating legal cases, acquisition of liquids and overseas products, planting and watering plants, procuring cattle, sea and river travel, and constructing irrigation systems.
It is bad for protracted affairs: weddings, start of house construction, moving and relocations, borrowing money. Care should be taken when working with sharp objects, iron, fire, or toxic chemicals. Surgery of the liver and gall bladder is not advised.

LEO: Strong desire for pleasures, longing for romances, exerting adoration and recognition from other people. These feelings are so strong that people often fall into a tragic state of the kind "oh, you do not love me". It is the time of ambitious plans, independence, and leadership. Children often rebel against the despotism of parents. Passion and willing to take the risk, especially if there is a chance to win, are very frequent. People are impressed by the dynamism in the relationships and businesses, and they gratefully accept acts of kindness and generosity. At this time you need to take care of the heart and the upper part of the spinal column. Heart surgery or any kind of surgery involving spinal column, spinal cord, spine, ribs and diaphragm are not recommended.
This is good time for all legal and official businesses and meeting the needs of women (in cosmetics, decorations, gifts, etc.). Communication with the authorities and influential persons might be fruitful; the transition to a new job, tying friendship relations, offering gifts, clothing and jewelry will all work out well in this time. It is perfect for games, sports, lottery tickets, metal products, and textile. Holidays, entertainment, recreation, vacations, starting construction jobs, working out a new business strategy, visits and receptions, exhibitions and museums, theaters, and concerts are good for this period. Activities aimed at strengthening prestige and authority in the immediate environment will also bring success.
This time is bad for financial transactions, negotiations, moving and resettlements, planting and re-planting. It is unfavorable for engagements and weddings, pet trade, work and equity, arranging financial documents, criticizing the management, company affairs, commercial transportation, or exchanges of places of residence.

VIRGO: People feel like doing business; they are inclined to solve practical problems. People in this period are shy and reserved. At the same time, they are overly critical and prone to believe that others do not value them. They tend to focus on the problems of nutrition and health. Many feel the urge to clean their home. Attention is focused on current affairs; the person has the desire to interfere in the affairs of others, although nobody asked him or her to do so – as a result, tensions with colleagues or people from the close environment may occur. Problems with the intestines may take place; the risk of infection or food poisoning, such as salmonella, increases. Alcohol is poison during this period, strongly affecting the nervous system.
This time is good for businesses that require precision, accuracy, and concentration: for categorizing documents, registration of financial papers, financial and banking operations, training, exam preparation, business correspondence, trade (except for the purchase and sale of land and real estate). It is also good for complex jobs requiring physical skills, gardening, issues related to education, establishing cooperation, co-authorship and companionship, as well as editing texts. Audit and control, analysis of figures, general cleaning, dry cleaning, and procurement of products in stores are proper activities in this period, just as the purchase of equipment and machinery, starting a diet for weight loss, and visits to the hairdresser: when cut in the period when the Moon is in Virgo, hair grows more slowly.
This period is bad for issues requiring strong emotional resources and the ability to see the future prospective, namely for love and marriage, friendship and dating, exams and tests. This time is unfavorable for the water transport, water sports, real estate sale, castration of animals, and sheep shearing. During the time when the Moon passes Virgo, it is better not to have surgeries done on the abdominal cavity and the ventricular tract (pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder), except for emergency cases (such as appendicitis).

SCALES: At this time, people are peaceful and not prone to quarrels. They are willing to act in partnership, to conclude contracts, and to negotiate. They are more sensitive to how other people relate to them; they search for beauty, and understand better the needs and desires of those who turn for help to them. People try to be attractive and create good impression in others. Lower back should be protected from cold; kidneys should not be overloaded (for example, by strong meat soups). Operations on kidneys, bladder, spleen, and uterus are not recommended.
This period is good for all kinds of fleeting affairs and everything which quickly loses relevance. It is favorable for marriage, communication with friends, cultural and entertainment events, railway travel, buying and selling art objects, team work, and all kinds of partnerships. It is good if one decorates his or her home at this time, purchases items of women’s cosmetics, perfumes, or clothes, or buys furniture or music equipment. This is also a good time for requesting to pay the debts back, becoming a member of a club, a social organization, for counseling with the doctor, starting treatment, or having an exceptional evening.
This time is bad for any kinds of dirty and unsightly work (clean tanks from oil, repair old mechanisms, clean stables, etc.), as well as for all kinds of work related to fire and metal structures, sharp instruments or corrosive liquids. It will not bring success in the trade in movable property, purchase of hardware goods, or castrating animals. You have to be more cautious with heavy traffic on the highways and while dealing with firearms or explosives.




SCORPIO: People are overwhelmed with short-term anxieties; they are overexcited and ready to start arguments. This is the season of strong passions and desires (it is not accidental that the Moon in this period is caught mad). People are more active now than in other periods; they are aggressive, critical, moody, and especially prone to getting hurt, both by real and imaginary causes, especially when they are drunk. Avoid complications, and do not succumb to jealousy. Do not provide reasons to it either.
This is a good period for profound common experiences, but you need to be careful in dealing with the opposite sex – the resistance to sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS decreases.
This time is bad for operations, especially for abortions and other interventions in the uterus and ovary. Protect your reproductive system and the coccyx. Those who are prone to hemorrhoids and varicose veins should choose to go on a diet at this time. Drinking much when the Moon is in Scorpio is absolutely contraindicated.
This time is good for planning, meeting respectable people, and establishing your own respectful image. Giving lectures and presentations and manifesting your competence in any other way works out well in this period. Buy or sell modern and updated equipment, cars, mechanisms and technologies related to industry and metal processing, look for object you lost earlier, concentrate on key problems of your life, or study your own personality. This is the best time for planting all crops, except potatoes, buying plants and antiques, hunting, and fishing. Have your hair cut because it will grow more quickly; have beauty treatments and massages, get involved in scientific work.
This time is bad for undertakings, business partnerships, and hiring staff to work. Refrain from travelling, relocation, insurance and social security activities (it is better not to go to the social security office). The care for the elderly often gets worse. Loans do not work out.

SAGITTARIUS: Passing through the sign of Sagittarius, the Moon provides people with an idealistic attitude, disposition to philosophize, sensitivity to success, the desire to manifest their competence. People are concerned about ideological issues; show increased religious fervor, increased mobility, restlessness, the desire to take up sports, to go somewhere, the thirst for adventures, poorly tolerating any restrictions (especially children). As a rule, people are friendly and openhearted, easy to get involved, enthusiastic – at the same time, this enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial. Increased intuition and extreme sensitivity of the nervous system makes some people capable of prophecy. Almost everyone will try to convince you of something. Your hip joint is the most vulnerable (learn to fall correctly!).
This time is good for spiritual and intellectual activities: study, design, legal affairs, trials, submission of applications, long-distance (including foreign) travel, or contact with foreigners. Invest overseas, set up businesses, hire staff, or enter partnerships. This period is perfect for research, sending important mail items, buying or selling sport equipment, starting training, or lending money. If your need, this time is good for removing teeth; organizing festive evenings with awarding prizes will also work out well.
This period is bad for issues related to construction, mining, and rock excavation. Children should be reminded of taking care in the streets. Adults should be especially cautious in the mountains. Operations on the sacrum and hips may often entail complications. Inflammation of leg veins is possible, especially in case of women.

CAPRICORN: Thoughts are directed to the practical side of life, but if a person does not see immediate results, he loses patience and makes mistakes. People are especially concerned about everyday problems; they are anxious about their work, and do not take risks in business. They feel under pressure to maintain their prestige and honor and save an impeccable reputation. The slogan of these days should be moderation, calmness, and order. Frivolity and unusual behavior are not universally condemned these days. Sometimes people have excessive ambition combined with the hunt for money. In children, there is a desire to stay with adults and listen to them talk: do not forbid them doing so, because this is how they grow more intelligent. Education is a struggle; new knowledge is acquired slowly but surely; the science and history are learnt especially easily. The spiritual and intellectual interests in the minds of people are pushed to the background. You should avoid heavy food which is hard to digest. In sports, especially skiing, take care of your knees. It is recommended to take preventive measures against rheumatism.
This period is good for all serious, carefully considered issues. It is favorable for communicating with experts, for everything related to mining and agriculture, for the purchase and sale of real estate, and for commencing important scientific research. It is good time for collectors, requesting of payment of the debts back, hunting and fishing, the purchase of tools and machinery, equipment, or non-liquid equipment. It is best time for quitting smoking or getting rid of other best habits.
This time is bad for any issues requiring increased energy: for financial transactions, communication with government officials or other authorities, influential people, for issues involving government, trade, exchanges. This period is bad for for marriage, establishing new ties, promotion, or hiring new staff. It is best not approach the management with any innovative suggestions. It is reasonable to postpone surgeries on knees, the tibia, or calves

AQUARIUS: The slogan of this period should be the Russian saying “measure seven times before cutting once”. Rich imagination and sophisticated ideas are not the best in this period. The extremes of optimism and pessimism and the lack of realistic approach are typical of this period of time. Significant miscalculations leading to serious in career or business activity may happen. People in this time are prone to self-deception and easily succumb to limelight. You should carefully follow the real facts, not letting the imagination take over. Think twice before you speak. Friendship is important. Women in this period are more realistic than men – it is sensible to listen to their advice, especially to that of mothers.
This time is good for public affairs and innovative initiatives that will develop rapidly. It is excellent for intellectual and spiritual activities, attending meetings, organizing celebrations or anniversaries, for everything related to technical progress or scientific research, as well as gardening. Purchases of electrical and gas equipment, electronics, apartments, moving, borrowing money, advertising, redecoration, constructing roofs and fences will all work out well. Becoming a member of societies or clubs, starting a diet to lose weight, filling teeth, having prosthetics done, and entertainment will be successful. This time is bad for planting and transplanting vegetables and other plants, for excessive confidential talks with friends (they will not keep your secret confidential, and disclosed information can be against you), for letter exchange, or communication with management. During this period, minor disappointments in people are probable. You should be cautious when dealing with electricity, gas tanks, or poisonous substances. Neurological surgeries and surgeries on eyes, varicose nodes, the tibia, and ankles are contraindicated.

PISCES: This is the period, anxiety, vague fears, and insecurity rise. At the same time, memory is sharpening and intuition and clairvoyance burst. It is bad time for intrigues, secret conspiracies and secret strategies – everything comes up to surface. People discover talents in themselves of which they have never ever dreamt. New and unexpected solutions for old problems come up. Interesting and new discoveries in the field of religion and philosophy are also possible. It is not a good time for businesses that require secrecy. In the area of health, you should take care of your feet – watch out when walking.
This is good time for country walks, travelling, and communication with lawyers, planting and watering off plants, as well as investing. This time is favorable for all kinds of preparation works, approaching authorities or sponsors, marriages, closing contracts and communication with people whose profession is somehow related to the sea, liquids, or simply water. This period is also appropriate for initiating lawsuits, hunting, fishing, conservation, and brewing beer. It is also excellent for creative activities and appearing in public.
On the other hand, this period is bad for initiating monumental projects, excessive hedonism, and dealing with fire arms, inflammable substances, and explosives. This time is unfavorable for excessive pleasures, secret love, and cheating on partners, as well as for drinking alcohol. Health should be increasingly taken care of. Operations on seat or fingers are not advised. Caution is required when using psychotropic drugs.




Cycle of Phases of the Moon

This cycle repeats the four seasons: the New Moon – the peak of winter and the "hibernation" of our biorhythms; First Quarter – the middle of spring; the Full Moon - the top of summer; the Last Quarter – Indian summer. Accordingly, during the period of the growing Moon (from the New Moon to the Full Moon) our biological activity rises. It is worth to schedule for this period those activities which require the greatest physical and intellectual effort. The period of the waning Moon (autumn and winter) is the best time to pick the fruits of the active period of the growing Moon. Nothing essential should be scheduled for this time; it is better to create order in the hinterland, arrange documentation, and plan the future. The New Moon is a critical moment when the body is weakened and suffers greatly from overloading. At this time, it is very easy to contract a disease, sexually transmitted diseases included. At the time of the Fall Moon, people are at the peak of their physical condition, and may fall into a dangerous euphoria. They believe they are capable of doing everything, especially when under the influence of alcohol. At the time of the Full Moon, we sometimes commit acts which bitterly regret later. It is better not to use the transport means imposing greater risk than usual, such as motorcycles or planes.


Cycle of Periodic Convergence of the Earth and the Moon

Perigee is the time when the Moon is closest to the Earth – it is characterized by impaired co-ordination of movement, proneness to errors and the loss of harmony in the relation between humans and machinery. This leads to the increased likelihood of industrial accidents and injuries at home and on the road. It is better to stay calm and not to take flights in this period. Better safe than sorry!
Finally, let us say a few words about the eclipses of the Moon and the Sun. All hazards related to the New Moon and Full Moon increase tenfold during eclipses. It is advisable not to deviate from the normal rhythm of live one week before the eclipse and one week after it, not to mention the time of the eclipse itself. Lunar eclipses have a stronger impact on women's psychology, while solar ones – on that of men. During the eclipses, women may have strokes, while men heart attacks more frequently – consequently, do not overload your body in this period.


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