ExampleHoroskope Drivers Horoscope
Period Daily
Starting date 2017.02.25.
Ending date 2017.02.26.

  • 1. Days of intense astrological influences, calculated on the basis of your individual horoscope

    There are no such days in this month.
  • 2. Difficult days as regards driving, calculated on the basis of common astrological influences

    There are no such days in this month.
  • 3. Very difficult days as regards driving. Be particularly careful and cautious on these days � the two negative influences converge on these days.

    There are no such days in this month.

On the basis of your original data, your individual horoscope was designed and built; then the most significant astrological influences (the movement of the planets) were consistently analyzed looking into each individual day; finally, their impact on your horoscope was looked into. The result is the personally tailored forecast of the major astrological influences. In addition to individual effects, the general astrological factors having impact on everything that happens on the planet have been taken into account. Research has shown that under certain configurations of planets, traffic accidents occur much more frequently, and these factors should be considered. Finally, the coincidence of the most intense individual and common influences results in such days when drivers should be particularly careful.


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