Horoscope: Compatibility
Name: John Smith
Date: 2014-09-25 00:00 (-4.0)
Place: Moscow (55.755826,37.6173)

Personal match report

Part 2. The interaction of the planets of your charts and their possible influence on the relationship.

Planetary motions as energy communication channels.

  • Your Sun square with Sun of your partner

    It may indicate disagreement and contradictions, clash of ambitions, give rise to a sense of incompatibility. One may suppress another in something. You may have different views of one and the same problem. And you may often see the problems different as well. This can bring about conflict situations. Handled properly, you can try to use your dissimilarity, inspiring and complementing each other in a constructive way. You are likely to have different goals and methods and, approached sensibly, it brings wide prospects to your union. The main thing is to maintain the pace and level of intensity proposed by such union.

  • Your Sun trine with Mercury of your partner

    It is harmonious for all types of intellectual interaction, friendship, and common politics. Your partner may learn a lot from you. You may support him with your energy, help him to bring his ideas to life. And if you lack any information, you may ask your partner for help. You will most likely enjoy joint trips or commercial projects.

  • Your Sun square and Venus of your partner

    It may indicate the differences in your tastes. There may be some lack of understanding in aesthetic matters. Your partner may not always like your reaction to his feelings and desires, and your self-realization program may bother him. Such position may have negative impact in mutual monetary affairs as well, as expenses often exceed the income. In particular, this is due to extravagancy and excessive self-indulgence.

  • Your Moon trine with Mercury of your partner

    It is a constructive position. It may imply good intellectual- spiritual mutual understanding. Your partner may be grateful for your emotional warmth, and you can easily tune in to his ideas, suggestions, and reasoning. It facilitates everyday communication without the need to take a break from each other. What he thinks may be consistent with what you feel. And he may use your intuition where his mind will suddenly come to a halt.

  • Your Moon iconjunct with Neptune of your partner

    You and your partner are on the same subtle wave. You can finish each other’s sentences and feel each other even at a distance. You may develop spiritually together, be closer to art and nature. Do not give in to excessive mistrustfulness and suspicion.

  • Your Mercury square and Moon of your partner

    There may be some misunderstanding, disharmony between Your mind and your partner’s feelings, his adaptive reactions. But if you prioritise time and care with it, it is quite possible to adapt to this situation.

  • Your Mercury trine with Neptune of your partner

    Your partner’s intuition will help You in business and practical matters.

  • Your Mercury opposition with Pluto of your partner

    Your relationship may be complicated by wrong information or financial disputes. Be careful, trusting him to bear the bag.

  • Your Venus trine with Saturn of your partner

    The aspect is favorable for long-term stable relations. Your partner may limit and discipline You to some extent, but within reasonable limits and, all to the good, in general. And You will support him morally in the areas he has a great responsibility in.

  • Your Venus square with Uranus of your partner

    This aspect is unlikely to contribute to a long-term stable relationship. Something that is fixed just formally can break particularly quickly. But if You are ready for quick turns and like experiments, including those in the sexual field, this partner will be associated with bright highlights in your life.

  • Your Venus iconjunct with Ascendant of your partner

    You may like your partner very much. Whether your feelings will be mutual - it is quite possible, if other aspects do not contradict this.

  • Your Mars iconjunct and Venus of your partner

    The aspect provides a strong mutual attraction, including the erotic one. Moreover, business cooperation is also possible. You will act intensively, making benefits for yourself and your partner, and he will encourage You for these dynamic actions.

  • Your Jupiter sextile with Jupiter of your partner

    It is favorable for all types of communication. You and your partner have similar goals and principles, which makes understanding easier. First of all, it is good for interaction in social, professional areas, study and travel.

  • Your Jupiter sextile with Uranus of your partner

    It is harmonious, especially for interaction in the field of social programs, science and travel.

  • Your Saturn trine with Saturn of your partner

    You and your partner can help each other, discipline each other, contribute to attainment of the stated objectives.

  • Your Saturn trine with Ascendant of your partner

    It strengthens relationships, makes them long-lasting and stable.

  • Your Neptune square with Jupiter of your partner

    There may be ideological differences between you. Thus, try not to make attempts to impose your own system of views - political, religious, moral.

  • Your Neptune iconjunct with Saturn of your partner

    Your partner will try to make You come down to earth, accustom You to a more rational and practical attitude to life. On the contrary, You will try to make him go wheels up, take him into the world of fantasies and illusions. This may be useful or happen to be quite inappropriate, depending on the specific situation.

  • Your Neptune trine with Ascendant of your partner

    It is favorable for spiritual relationships, as well as for joint recreation.

  • Your Ascendant square with Uranus of your partner

    It is useful to take a break from each other sometimes. The less formality in your relationship, the easier it is to maintain it.

  • Your MC iconjunct with Neptune of your partner

    Your partner can give you a lot in the spiritual sphere, and he can bring you on the wrong path in the material sphere.


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