This is the sign of the vernal equinox, the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries initiates actions, and usually wins. In any case, they are confident that no one will be their true equal. Sometimes this is true, but occasionally Aries people just do not see themselves realistically. However, their confidence gives them strength, and their defeats are often perceived by them as victories. They are sometimes easy to cheat. However, they might not even notice it, which is their strength.

Passion for sports is not untypical of Aries, but as a rule, they quickly run out of steam. Could they more thoroughly assess their environment, perceive what is happening, and calculate the situation for at least two steps ahead, they could achieve much more. But then they would not have been Aries.

Aries is not prone to hesitations, self-confidently moving towards the goal. Sometimes, on the way, plunged in their thoughts, they open up new paths, events, laws, etc. etc. Aries are pioneers, but it is usually others who deal with the discoveries in the end. After all, if the inspiration of Aries people dies, they do not carry on. In their area of interest, they may appear uncompromising, and "butt" to the end. Aries tends to take a proactive stance, and demands so of those around them. This is a fire sign, and gives hard time to those who do not share his desire to "cut off seven times," before "having measured" even once. At least sometimes, for a change, it makes sense for Aries to consider options for a calmer, deliberate and passive approach to life.

It may happen that an Arian deviates from the standard "model" of the typical Arian behavior, demonstrating to the world uncertainty and excessive dependence on others. This might be caused by overwork or the action of the opposite zodiac sign - the sign of Libra.

Here and now, and as much as I want – this is what Aries usually expects from life, which he does not unnecessarily complicate. And they usually are happy about themselves and the results of their efforts. Failures as easily ascribed to the negligence of others. However, they do it generously and graciously, forgiving imperfection of those who were not fortunate enough to be born Aries.

Arians are most easily convinced by direct experience (sometimes they even need to experience something more than once). For them, making one and the same mistake again and again is not a rarity. Advice of others and others' experience does not reach independent Arians, whose alphabet starts with the letter "I".

Notwithstanding all their assertiveness, self-confidence and fervor, Arians usually have a captivating sense of humor. They can be really entertaining, and if they do not want anything from you and you do not want anything from them, you will have great time with them.

Aries loves gifts that invigorate and elevate mood, suitable for active lifestyle, loud and sharp - weapons, objects of metal and textiles, fireworks, firecrackers, sports equipment. Hats classically fit Aries.

Arians prefers outdoor and physical activities. They love to explore new places, take part or watch sporting events, or go hunting. They like pubs and presentations but dislike being hampered while passionately engaged in an activity.


Ruler Planet

The planet which rules the sign of Aries is Mars. It is this planet named after the god of war that fuels the desire of Aries to imperiously issue instructions and turn their environment into one "close to combat." Sex, risk, exercise, competition and self-assertion – Arians are in possession of all this. Wisdom, patience and good taste are the competences they are short of, and need to add to their ‘package, if they wish to significantly improve.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones suitable for those born under the sign of Aries are sardonyx, amethyst, and red stones.

Plants: plants with red, orange, burgundy, or pink leaves, some thorny plants, large plants. Shining and striped aechmea, dwarf pomegranate, garden geranium, fluffy-flower koehler, Indian and Japanese azalea, royal begonia, brilliant euphorbia, haworthia fasciata, guzmania red bromeliad. Also: hawthorn, sweet pea, violet, cornflower, anemone.

Colors: bright red, carmine, orange, blue, purple, crimson, all shiny. Bad color: purple.

Metal: iron.



Aries is related to the head, and symbolically connected with the brain hemispheres and its membranes, the cerebral cortex, the skull, face, eyes, teeth, except the nose. Hasty and ill-considered actions of Aries often lead to fatigue and depression, and, as a result, health problems. In addition, Aries quite often do not complete medical treatments, and therefore can contract all kinds of complications.

Arians should especially protect their head. They should avoid too much stress or overstimulation. Typical diseases are headaches, insomnia, inflammation, spasms of cerebral vessels, fever, or trauma. These may be countered by regular walks in the fresh air and proper daily routine. Arians tend to take the risk, and therefore could be frequent visitors of trauma centers.

Arians ‘are prescribed’ food rich in potassium phosphate - beets, celery, onion, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, radishes, apples, dates, lemon, and walnut. It is useful to take vitamins A, B1, and C.



Every Aries carries a little bit of Mars inside, the god of war. They like to boast his armor and chew some meat. Generally, vegetarians of this sign are a rare and sad phenomenon. Being people of action, they need solid nourishment but without any special frills to restore to their strength. They learn new dishes, new recipes, and new restaurants with much pleasure. Although generally they are in favor of German cuisine with its rich, rosy, fat sausages and, of course, the whole ocean of beer. In the kitchen, as well as in life in general, Arians are natural leaders. They are capable of bold experiments, but usually use simple and affordable products for this, since Arians never contract difficulties. But even meals from simple products will surprise guests with their variety and unusual combination. Since Arians cannot listen to advice, they prefer to learn from their mistakes in the kitchen too. Just as everything related to military affairs, food should also be consumed in a scheduled way.



In general, one can say that Aries are not extremely focused on their home. If they have some extra energy, money, or time, they will rather spend it on themselves or their hobbies than on their home. However, they may easily get excited, and enthusiastically start a serious repair, in which they might gradually lose interest though. On the other hand, order and cleanness are important for them at home – they prefer even and smooth surfaces from which dust can be vacuumed at once. Countless gadgets are not for them. Things that surround them are rather simple and understandable. They will not spend hours coming up with new curtain style or weaving tablecloths of intricate patterns. Neither is Aries themselves whimsical at home. They do not stock up too much food - only the necessary minimum is there in their pantry. Since they are used to go ahead in life, beware of asking them to hammer in a nail – they may take down the entire wall. Non-custom layouts, projections, offsets, and any multi-level structures wake up their affection and admiration to the degree of tears, because otherwise only strictly parallel and perpendicular forms are perceivable to them.


Work, Professions, Business

Leadership is what Aries usually expect from work. They like to get involved in vigorous activities or new projects. They look for ways to express themselves and they have no equal in the protection of their interests. They are usually good athletes, explorers, or pioneers. Military field also can offer them possibility to expose their nature. They know what is necessary and how and when it shall be done. Besides, they do not have too much imagination to annoy their commanders. Aries are very easy to "grab the stars" on their shoulder straps. They are also good firefighters, metallurgists, hunters, blacksmiths, and – not the least – surgeons not influenced by doubts and skillful in the use of piercing-cutting tools.



Aries perceive family traditionally, and consider it a serious matter. At home, they are usually unpretentious. There must be a simple set of things they need, food and drinks, and they will not have any further concerns.

One of the most common types of family behavior of Aries is the role of commander-in-chief. It is difficult to adjust everything to your own dimensions – the world is too big for this; in the family, however, which is a smaller universe, it is worth trying. There are Aries, who make a bet on their family, pinning great hopes on it and treating it tenderly. Sometimes they even idealize the situation too much. For Aries, it is important that their family is exemplary. However, they often demand from their families more than are themselves ready to contribute. Aries quietly leaves to deal with their personal affairs, and generally prefers not to be bothered by trifles; neither do they like to be bothered by anything. Arians do not understand why they have to change their plans or interests at the request of the family. In general, they like to be their own ‘directors’. Thus it is good if the family's interests intersect with their personal motives.

Those who have some experience of family life with rams, understand that if Aries huffs, it is hardly for long – you can wait till the storm ends. To strengthen family relationship, it is useful to keep Aries "toned", making it clear that nothing is permanent.


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In contrast to the fast Aries, Taurus "harness" for long, and go for long. But they are very hardy and persistent. When resting, they are peaceful and relaxed. They appreciate comfort and convenience. This is an earth sign, so people of this Zodiac sign prefer to stand firmly on the ground with both feet – no sign is more stable or steadfast. Taurus people know what they want, try hard to achieve it, and try not to leave the "prey". They will defend to the last what is theirs.

Taurus is very thrifty and practical. They keep what they have as if it were "the apple of their eye"; they find it difficult to switch attention; they are patient, and, as a rule, do not take hasty decisions. They will "measure twice" before "cutting once". Thus they like to plan a lot and for long – what, when and how.

Taurus people are able to enjoy what they have (which is not given to everyone), and get pleasure from a lot of things which surround them. In most situations, they prefer to take the passive observer’s position. They can easily get stuck to something, stubbornly not yielding a single inch. They try to complete what they started, though due to their slowness the things when completed might turn out outdated.

The material world is important for Taurus. Surrounded by beautiful things and mature environment, this sign feels comfortable. As regards the spiritual and sublime, it is most often out of reach for Taurus. They are too immersed in the world of shapes, and value what you can possess.

Taureans tend to prefer the peaceful resolution of disputes, and are always willing to offer a reasonable settlement of disagreements. They are willing to tolerate, without giving signs even when deep down they are filled with passion (which reflect the influence of Scorpio, the opposite sign of the zodiac).

Taurus understands naturalness and originality best. They are safer if they are in harmony with nature and physiology. They may save much, just as they may pile up feelings inside. That is only to realize their savings and earn an "interest" is more difficult for Taurus - they too much dislike to part with anything. Changes - even for the better - can be a problem for Taureans.

Taurus is used to trust their feelings, and ascribe a lot of value to them. In the deep of their heart, they may be in distress for long, and get so embittered by these feelings, as to integrate them in themselves. "Uprooting" is not their method – they would fertilize and water a plant for a long time, even if it is profoundly withered. And they are sometimes able to restore to life what seems to be gone forever.

For Taurus, practical and tangible things will make good presents – some dishes or utensils, anything for handicraft, jewelry, or food. Taureans are often collectors – you do not have to break your head thinking of a gift.

Taureans tend to love to shop, to buy beautiful and fashionable clothes, jewelry, cosmetics or food. Shops "Home & Cottages" also belong to their area of interest.

Taurus enjoy visiting neighbors, relatives, and family celebrations, and love spending holidays in proven areas. They can often be seen in beauty salons, flower shows, museum, or having barbecues with close friends.


Ruler Planet

Taureans are usually peaceful and hardworking, loyal, patient, and have the power of attraction which they get from by Venus, the ruler planet of Taurus. It is the planet of love, fertility, beauty, and success in practical affairs.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Taurus are carnelian, agate, and white and translucent stones.

Plants: strong, low-growing, blooming beautifully. uzambarskaya violet, kalanchoe, Persian cyclamen, begonias, beautiful gloxinia, primrose (Primula), ampelous peperomii. Also lily of the valley and lilacs.

Colors: lemon yellow, bright blue, deep orange, lime green, orange. Bad color: red.

Metal: copper.



Taurus should closely monitor the throat, the neck, the larynx, the lower jaw, and the palate. The typical diseases are thyroid, cervical spine, sore ears, or throat infection. Taurus should let their feelings out instead accumulating tension, and spend more time in the nature. They benefit from the food containing sodium sulphate - spinach, beets, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, pumpkin, and radish, as well as the vitamins A and E. Parsley and celery help to cleanse their body.



They never postpone for dinner what they can eat for lunch. Their motto is to eat a lot but often. Most of their energy is spent on satisfying their desires. All around them must be tangible; appearance is valued less than the taste or nutritional value. Unconventional mix of products or unconventional way of cooking never comes to their mind. Therefore, it is easy to impress them but difficult to convince them about the harm of flour or fat. Most often they have a sweet tooth. Rarely would a Taurus pass by a pastry shop with his head high. It is only their disposition to thriftiness and their practicality that is the reason why other zodiac signs sometimes have access to desserts. Usual, well-cooked meals completely satisfy Taurus. Food for Taurus is a means to sustain life. The fatter and richer it is, the better. In general, we can say that the way to the heart of a Taurus leads through his stomach, regardless of gender. Among vegetables, they prefer potatoes, out of meat – pork. Ukrainian cuisine is very suitable for them - borscht with noodles, "kolbaski", dumplings, bacon, nourishing salads. Feasts are usually of a grand scale. Helpful advice for Taurus: diversify the substantial meals with food that saves from overeating – grapes, cabbage, spinach, or apples.



Taurus create unpretentious but cosy environment which is "rich" in details. Numerous carpets on the walls and heaps of crystal are still the pride and joy of many Taureans. Everything they get hold of usually stays with them – this is why there is often very little space in the homes of Taureans. On the other hand, their homes are almost always very cozy and comfortable, because these vital components are always highly valued by Taurus. Since gluttony may be typical of them, kitchen is usually a place often visited and, consequently, equipped with love. Their penchant for needlework is often reflected in the interior – we might see countless napkins and pads there. Many members of this sign are addicted to gardening. Their loyalty, practicality and stubbornness often result in no changes in their house, well, absolutely no changes. They know how to create the atmosphere of stability and peace more than anyone else. In their home, you forget about the momentary, while enjoying the harmony and integrity.


Work, Professions, Business

We should not expect supernatural speed in actions or thinking of Taureans, but they are very efficient, friendly and stable. And they expect that their efforts should be appreciated.

Taureans can succeed by working at home. Their typical professions are cooks, civil engineers, agricultural specialists, jewelers, singers, artists, accountants, brokers, farmers, and bankers.



Taureans prefer to build family relationships on a solid foundation. They need that everything in the house, including the household, matches their taste. The material side of life is not indifferent for them. They may delay marriage for long, if they feel that not all circumstances are yet ready for this. In their families, Taureans should feel cozy and comfortable. For them, the family idyll includes wealth, sexual satisfaction, stability and loyalty. They do not want vivid emotions, or adventures. Having got what they wanted, they ask others not to disturb them anymore, and let them cultivate their ‘own garden’. And may they may partially, if not completely, dissolve in their beloved family.

At the same time, Venus, who is the ruler of the sign, does not allow them to forget that they need to take care of their appearance and wardrobe. Therefore, the partner of Taurus will never be ashamed of appearing with him or her. Unless, of course, Taurus is overloaded by the household, growing indifferent to anything else.

Taureans are caring and patient. Hospitable, but do their best only when hosting people really close to them. But in these cases their hospitality is lavish!

And nothing compares to the family trips in the nature when it comes to lifting the spirits of Taureans.


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The third sign of the Zodiac is Gemini. This is an air sign – probably this is why Gemini grasps everything so easily, while still ‘in the air’. Gemenians do not stand in one place. Instead, they constantly move – you never know if they are here or there, or when you will find or lose them. Communication is the brand of this sign. They are able, even without any special effort, to appear in the right place at the right time to get acquainted with the right people, and serve their own interests in all cases wherever they may influence the situation. But doing so they do not rampage, fighting violently and fiercely and smashing all obstacles in the way. Rather, they tend to act cunningly. They might as well easily and painlessly switch to something else. Therefore we can say that Gemini can adapt to almost any situation.

Travel and moving places is their element. They are constantly hungry for new information. And as a rule, they are able to find common ground with those who are of interest to them. Or maybe the other way round – they just do not take the risk to be interested in those at risk who are ‘too hard’ for them. But most probably, they do not undertake to analyze the whole thing so deeply. Generally, Gemenians have the air of superficiality, but can still talk many people into believing that they have high intelligence and deep knowledge. On top of this, they are really nice, funny and good company and good friends for a short time when your interests coincide with theirs. Gemenians are quick on their feet, and it is good if you are going with them in the same direction, though they can suddenly change direction, and leave you alone.

Gemenians are not constant (their only constant trait is their temporariness), careless, smart, and intelligent. On the other hand, many of their qualities depend on their environment. Their curiosity and rapid absorption of information makes them look like what is around them. Sometimes they just do not have time to digest what is passing them to the degree sufficient to make any conclusions, or feel the situation. Gemenians are not very sensitive sign anyway – they rather rely on their mind and seek the truth empirically.

Once Gemini stops immersing in the events of the outer world, and begins to "listen" to themselves, he or she may be "looping" on something understandable only to them alone. These Gemenians may seem a bit slow and dreamy.

Gemenians are not afraid of experimenting, but are sometimes overly fussy, and instead of doing something real can only cause trouble in vain. In general, it takes a lot of effort for these people to stay at rest.

Gemenians tend to make friends with neighbors; they love parties and all sorts of gatherings. They prefer their intellectual recreation, leisure travel. They feel good because of little things, but there should be many of them, and they should be diverse. The saying that “The best gift is a book" is well suitable to Gemini. These people are interested in communication, and love visiting car showrooms.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Gemini is Mercury, the patron of trade, gymnastics, and eloquence. This "intelligent" planet helps Gemenians to stay perfectly oriented in what is happening around them, to think quickly, and to have a literary ability. Mercury provides Gemenians with the ’charge’ enabling them to move so quickly as to create the impression that they are in different places at the same time, and do many things simultaneously.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Gemini are topaz, beryl, garnet, and shimmering, reflective stones.

Plants: vines and plants with lush foliage, often with small and narrow leaves, among them asparagus (gustotsvetkovy, sparzhevidny), Meyer lemon trees, fern plants, ivy, feather palms. Canary dates. Coconut Veddelya. Tradescantia. Chlorophytum crested. Also: daisies, poppies, buttercups, jasmine, narcissus.

Colors: purple, gray, light yellow, gray-blue, orange. Bad color: green.

Metal: mercury.



Gemenians are associated with the shoulder, scapula and clavicle, wrist, forearm, upper ribs, lungs, trachea, and bronchi. Gemini is also responsible for the state of the neurological and motor system, capillaries, and blood oxygen uptake. For prevention, breathing exercises and getting enough sleep and rest are advised. The most important vitamins are C and E. It is recommended to consume food rich in calcium - lactic acid products, eggs, and cereals.



Representatives of this sign usually have no time to dwell on food. Fast food restaurants were probably invented by them. They can enjoy the combination of food with everything – being on the road, making arrangements, or communicating. They will never cook time consuming meals, because they may get annoyed faster than food is ready. Similarly, neither will they appreciate meals carefully prepared by others. They have many other interests. They will put a precooked frozen meal in the microwave, and happily forget about the issue. On the other hand, having a nice conversation while eating gives them great pleasure. By the way, having a nice conversation while eating is something they really love. Table with numerous snacks is the dream of their dreams. American cuisine is most suitable to them - burgers, onion rings, steak, chicken wings, or corn. They are curious and thus ready to try a variety of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They are always on the ball, also when it comes to getting grasp of new recipes. On the other hand, they are also strong in improvisation. Unpretentious meals in easy-going environment make them absolutely happy. The most important thing for them is not to disperse their attention and focus on the menu.



Gemenians are restless migratory birds. Usually, their roots in their homes are not too deep, so they easily change ‘habitats’. And do it with pleasure, as it come to any changes. They love talking, and communicating, for which they try to stay alone as rarely as possible. And if there are no worthy companions in the house, they leave it without regret, spending time where they it is more interesting. They do not pay much attention to order and tidiness, and usually take the path of least resistance: - they either take no notice the abundance of the things scattered around the house, or, conversely, comply with strict rules. But all this almost never affects their restless soul, for which fun is much more important. They can easily adapt to any situation, and if there is someone to keep the house, they usually adapt effortlessly to the environment created by others. Sometimes they even cause irritation by their indifference. But the TV will always be close to the place where they spend the most of their time. Many Gemenians gladly talk to neighbors when they have some free time.


Work, Professions, Business

Gemini are good at learning, and love to learn new things. They perform well in trade and mediation. They can convince anyone of anything, and therefore are in demand in any service. They also have, as a rule, the most current and relevant information.

Gemini has no equal in negotiations; they often master journalism and advertising. They also make good translators and carriers, editors, reporters, teachers, computer, speakers, auctioneers, or secretaries. If you want your a business trip to be a success, you should send Gemini.



When it comes to family, Taureans treat it, like anything else, with a kind of research and mercantile interests. At the beginning of the relationship, they can be seen with their family a lot, as it gives them a new experience, in which they are interesting. Being sociable, Gemini loves to spend time outside home, which may lead to difficulties in relationships with family members who do not share this lifestyle or interests. In general, Gemineans are not especially home-lovers. Their desire to enter into a marriage relationship can be fueled by shared interests, moving to a new place, introduction to a new bright social circle, etc. Gemeneans tend to quickly get tired from a relationship, especially if they are constrained to stay closely together every day. In such case, they either look for diversity on the side or just leave. In order to keep a Gemini, you should always throw new "firewood" in the stove – feed his desire for communication, ó come to terms with his versatility, and always stay interesting, each time in a new way.


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This is the first sign of the element of water. Unlike the extravert Gemini, Cancer, as a rule, is directed inwards. Cancerians are easy to offend or frighten, and generally, many things cause emotional storm to them. They are careful - before taking a step forward, they make two back. They are kind to their "habitat" and those close to them, often living for the sake of the family and friends. Doing so, they rely only on their own feelings, and consider only their opinions right. Their reaction is hurricane-like, if people do not agree with them. And indeed, agreeing with Cancerians is much easier than arguing with them. Their sensitivity and attention is sometimes salvation for others, while in other cases, you need salvation to escape from it.

Safety and reliability is what classic Cancerians are always concerned about. Property issues often stand at the first place in their life. They "build their nests" better and care for them more than birds.

Past is of great importance for Cancerians. They often keep old things, and can hardly get rid of anything which once had anything to do with them or their beloved ones. Tradition is a support for Cancerians. They are patriotic, thrifty, constant, and may rely on their intuition.

Cancerians lack the confidence, for which they need approval and recognition. Mood swings make Cancerians mysterious to their environment. It is difficult to predict their reaction - it depends on the current state of mind of the sensitive Cancer.

Lacking the strength, tenacity and rigidity, Cancerians reach their goals by reproaches, emotionally charged arguments, exerting pity, and other techniques alike. Their task is their own survival and that of their families and kind.

Any changes can scare Cancerians, in case it is not initiated by them, of course. The latter does not happen with them too often – consequently, changes in the lives of Cancerians are minimal, and occur only when strictly necessary.

Cancerians are close to nature, crave for land, and love fresh air. They enjoy fishing, taking a steam bath, swimming, or relaxing with the family in the country. Nothing can be more pleasant for Cancerians than these activities. Home entertainment is also their favorite.

Cancerians appreciate the care and love gifts for the whole family or for the home. They are happy to get anything for home decoration, tableware, or appliances.


Ruler Planet

The Ruling planet of Cancerians is Moon. It is the Moon which is responsible for the mood swings of Cancerians. It represents the past experience, which has an impact on the present. Moon gives Cancerians intuition and instinctive protective reactions. Cancerians’ emotional fluctuations also follow the phases of the Moon, which change more rapidly than the rulers of other zodiac signs.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Cancerian are topaz, beryl, and garnet. Shimmering, reflective stones.

Plants: saturated with moisture, with fleshy, succulent stems or leaves, in need of abundant watering, such as begonia mason, fuchsia, peperomia bush, aloe vera (aloe), kolanchoe felt plant, stonecrop, agave, as well as honeysuckle, water lily, or jasmine.

Colors: white, light blue, blue, silver, green peas. Bad color: gray.

Metal: silver.



Stomach and digestive system, brisket, breasts, and bottom ribs are controlled by the sign of Cancer. For the health of Cancerians, harmony in the family and comfort in the house are beneficial. Cancerians are often hypochondriac  when it comes to diseases. They should avoid, whenever possible, emotional upheavals and replenish their body with vitamins B2, C and E. It is recommended to eat dairy products, cabbage, lemons, raisins, rye bread, pumpkins. Food should be fresh and well cooked.



This zodiac sign is a sensitive and emotional one. Since they are real foodies, they like strange but interesting tastes. In general, they get a lot of pleasure from home meals. Even among restaurants they prefer those which prepare homemade food. They pay attention to the quality of the products, and love home canning. For this, they will even be ready to dig in the garden, plant, weed, and water, and then weed again, and water, and yet weed again, and water, to finally pick what God sent. Then they will stand at the stove, to finally find peace of mind in the winter when they are surrounded by countless cans and bottles, which they can store for a very long time. But by large, this only stands for Cancerians of Russian origin. All Cancerians usually do not recognize anything cutting edge, while keeping in high respect milk and dairy products. hey prefer restaurants with Indian cuisine. They believe that family conflicts can be well settled at a good meal. They strictly adhere to the tradition of the family gathering at the holiday table. They like to cook; moreover, there relation to food is even somehow romantic. On the other hand,  they love cheap products - if they find a place where they can buy something only a bit cheaper, they will feel happy all day. It is worth mentioning that they should not forget about moderation.



For Cancerians, both home and the atmosphere reigning there is important. They are caring for family members and try to ensure the safety of their homes by all available means. However, they sometimes patronize it so fiercely that for the family members it all becomes a little unbearable. But where else will they feel most protected but in their home? Cancerians are very passionate about nature, for which the "house in the country" is the dream of almost every Cancer. Unlike Gemini, they grow deep roots and for long. They manage to combine hospitality and the lack of generosity. They keep records of all assets, and do not provide their family members with them upon first request, but according to their mood. Their achievement in home canning is comparable in quality and quantity to that of Aries. At home, they avoid extravagance or the unconventional, which scare them profoundly. They do much in the house or apartment themselves. They love to spend time there; moreover, they even prefer working from home or close to home. The interior of the house, as well as everything else about the house involve them emotionally. They deal with their home paying great attention to the tiniest details, buying sometimes cheap and puritan things, due to which their home would look electrical and uncoordinated, if there were not a strong link – the caring energy of the Cancer.


Work, Professions, Business

Cancerians work best at home or in a free mode. They generally do not dream of great deeds, but care and cherish their small, sometimes even family business. Cancerians make good historians, salespeople, nurses, kindergarten teachers, waiters, chefs, nutritionists, consultants of feng shui. It are good at understanding plants, and therefore can adequately express themselves in agriculture. And whereever they work, they render their environment homely atmosphere. When they choose a profession, they usually do it for a long time. Classical Cancerians cannot be called "Drifters".



Family is the key word for Cancer. As a rule, they always have it. And if not - they are very concerned about this issue, transferring their anxiety upon their children and other close relatives, without even assuming that people can be happy in any other way than sitting at a big family table.

Cancerians are home-loving, and love to plan their family life. Attentive to their parents, they participate in the affairs of all the relatives, and respect family celebrations.

They are good at household and, as a rule, are reliably in their families. They take home even such things for which there is no room in their house. Cancerians love to share with their families all their joys and sorrows. They are satisfied when all the family rely on them; they are even more satisfied when the whole family depends of them. Therefore, they try not to let the reins from their hands. While doing so, they really contribute a lot to their families. In this case, in fact, make the family very much. They also try to be nice, and please the members of their families.


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The sign belongs to the fire element. Leo is "the king of beasts," and that's it. It is gorgeous, generous, very charming, and gracious. Lions know their value, and like to surround themselves with fans and followers. They never make a fuss, but do everything slowly and with dignity. For Leo, it is important to know that he looks good - he cannot stand getting into awkward situations, and tries to do everything possible to avoid them.

Lions do not lack talent. You could even say that in a symbolic sense, it is the most talented zodiac sign.

Lions endow royally those who recognize their lead. Those, and only those, who do not allow themselves express any criticism to them may count to be protected by Lions.

Creativity is the best approach for Leos. They are bored by doing routine chores, because it is an active, vibrant and optimistic sign. Only a person who wants to commit suicide would step on a Leo’s pride. They fight for their own interests, and will attack the offender back in some way.

For Leonians, it is important to realize themselves. If their ideas or concepts do not work out, the problems begin. For Leonians, it is also important to feel competent, so the scope of their interests is very wide. They follow politics, often patronize various cultural projects, and stay informed. When they have a new hobby, they can talk for hours on the subject, while using professional terminology and appearing true experts. Into which they usually turn.

Leonians feel well only where the breadth of their nature does not meet any obstacles. They strive for such living standards which allow them to live "in a big way." The motto of the "king of beasts” is not to sacrifice the principles but secure a decent life, or at least so it looks from the outside.

Vanity and ostentation are the shortcomings which sometimes you have to put up with if you have this zodiac sign around. But indeed, this sign does have something to be proud of.

Leonians love gifts and signs of attention. They like the concept of "holiday", and appreciate all its attributes. They are also good athletes. Games are their vocation. Nice things, artifacts, or sporting goods will make good presents to Leonians.

When it comes to holidays, Leonians prefer to spend them on high level. They love spending their free time carefree and without concerns, having active fun or romantic journey.


Ruler Planet

The ruling planet of Leo is Sun. Is it any wonder that Leos find themselves the center of the galaxy? Indeed, all planets revolve around the Sun. It embodies the principle of intelligence, awakens consciousness, and "illuminates" the path to the goal. Without Sun, there is no life on Earth, and Leos are trying to match this honorable mission of the planet-manager.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Leo are jasper, hyacinth, ruby, amber, and beryl. These are sunny yellow stones.

Plants: beautiful blooming plants in need good lighting, such as akalifa schetinistovolosistaya, kala, camellia japonica, gardenia, impatiens, Chinese rose, mimosa, pelargonium (geranium) royal, many trees, peonies, marigolds, gladioli, and chrysanthemums.

Colors: purple, gold, orange, red. White color is a failure.

Metal: gold.



Leo is projected on the heart, gall bladder, thoracic spine, upper back, and sides. Diseases of the heart and the spine – that is what needs to be protected. Food rich in magnesium sulfate is very useful for Leo. It includes lemons, rye, almonds, walnuts, cucumbers, lettuce, apples and onions. Cardiac stress is relieved by plums and oranges. Vitamins C and E are very important for them. Leonians should pay attention to their health and avoid haste and fatigue.



Leonians are noble and generous, so any food served to them will be greatly appreciated. However, preference is given to Italian cuisine, such dishes as lasagna, spaghetti, olives, or risotto. Probably, they are the most frequent visitors to pizzerias. They love condiments, spices, and various sauces. They love to combine food with a cultural program. But everything should be of the highest category. In this respect of dining, they are a good match to Gemini, who also loves to sit at the table for long, communicating with interesting people. Leonians’ approach to cooking is creative. However, sometimes they are so busy with some other activity that they prefer to eat fast and easy to be able to return to what interests them as soon as possible. Many Leos love to cook for their children and beloved ones. If you invited Leo for a visit, please note that he expects "a royal welcome." They prefer lean meat; out of fruit they like citruses. They are famous for hospitality. They interested in all sorts of games; thus inviting them to a casino with a restaurant, you will kill two birds.



Leos love to be creative and enjoy life. In their homes, you will find reflections of these two characteristic traits. If they conduct their creative activity at home, it is immediately recognizable by scattered brushes, drafts or sketches hovering around and various obscure for mere mortals subjects. The rest of the family try to throw these objects away, which usually results in a scandal. Lions usually are able to arrange their home as they see fit. And if they preferred the sofa to be on the left, while the TV on the right, they will find the way to do it, for physical comfort is by far not the last thing for Leo. If Leo decides to redecorate his home, he will do it in the most creative and committed way. The interior will always have festive, joyful, and sunny air. A house which bears the personal touch of a Leo, will always be worthy of praise and approval, which will indeed be expressed by the numerous guests – it should not be forgotten that hospitality is one of the main traits of Leo. In addition to their love for general admiration, Lions also love fire. Fireplaces for Leonians is like TVs for Gemineans, but, unfortunately, not as accessible. But if Leo is lucky, and possesses what the king of beasts merits - the palace, the latter will not be short of fireplaces.


Work, Professions, Business

For Leos, professional satisfaction is very important. They crave to use their potential, which is large, and of which they are aware. They focus on creative projects, and usually put a playful element into business. They can succeed anywhere where there is room for spectacle and where you need to have an executive talent. They are good at the entertainment business, on stage, on screen, in professional sports. They make good artists or staff of children's creative teams. They are interested in fine arts and financial speculation. They know how to create a festive mood, and ensure that subordinates simply "fall in love" in them.



Leo is the hearth, which shines and warms. They are ready to give their heart (and not only once). But when it comes to marriage, Lions think twice. For Leo it is important to be proud of his or her family - then Leo type is a good family person. Sometimes Leos need the family not to feel that they are worth less than others - all people have it, and why should they be worse than others? They make the most of effort at the initial stage and when there are some problems. But they spend the most of their time engaged in the activities which are interesting exclusively to them. Sometimes they create a family because of some rational reasons. After all, occupying a certain position in life is for them of utmost importance, due to which, these practical considerations may be a priority when founding a family. Sometimes, however, his family life is based on his great love for the children - the creation of new life, as a rule, a very important moment for Leos. In order to live peacefully with a Leo, a single composing element may be sufficient. But if you combine a few of them, the marriage will be a strong, vibrant and harmonious.


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The second sign of the element of Earth, Virgo is practical, methodical, pragmatic, well-organized and hard-working. She is constantly in search of employment, work, and order. Always busy, he or she is not sitting idly by, and if all things are done, Virgo begins to invent new ones. Any imperfection takes Virgo off balance, which results in a storm of criticism. Virgin does not let to relax to either themselves or others. For Virgin the concrete result is the most precious. Everything is subordinated and much sacrifice is made in order to achieve the concrete results. Though modest and reliable, Virgos may get involved in intrigues. The reason for this will not be art or power, but again the concrete result.

It may happen that Virgo sees only small details instead of the broader picture, and get trapped in their intrigues. Lack of imagination and ingenuity may result that their wrongdoings being revealed and they can become very unpopular. On the other hand, thanks to the efforts of many Virgos, many things in life operate virtually without failure.

Virgos are especially addicted to cleanliness. They are the champions of order and healthy lifestyle. And they try to extend the order not only to their business, but also to the life of those with whom they get in contact. They always know everything better. And for the sake of fairness, we must say that they really know it. They are just too business-like and reserved to lead the crowds, which is a pity, because their advice, as a rule, should be listened to. Sometimes it occurs that the order of several Virgos is somehow chaotic, which is the impact of the opposite sign - Pisces.

In order not to suffer from overload and the imperfection of the world, Virgos should realize that they are unlikely to create the world order. There is no guarantee that even their small order remains unchanged. Things change, and the desire of a single person is not capable of changing everything.

Virgo usually analyzes everything, their eyes being like a diamond. They see, as if under the microscope, all the nuances and details. But to understand the whole picture is much more difficult for them. They are inclined to ascribe too much importance to small things, and forget the basics.

Virgo is always eager to learn, and often learns something even in retirement. Virgo adapts well, and learns quickly.

Anything useful will make excellent gifts for Virgo. Anything practical for health, education, or home. True Virgo, as a rule, loves pets. On holidays, Virgo type likes to combine gaining new knowledge and recreational activities.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of this sign is Mercury. The planet of knowledge, in Virgo Mercury creates a good organizer, provides Virgos with analytical skills, and often makes them cheaters. After all, Virgo type believes in the current moment so much that they are ready to guarantee themselves and everyone else that changes will never happen. Just as in case of Gemini, Mercury provides Virgos with rationalism and good business skills. However, these qualities appear in somewhat different way – Virgos are more disciplined and less creative.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones: emerald, jasper. Stones of any color other than gray.

Plants: strong, curly plants, some fruit bearers, useful plants. Aucuba Japanese, philodendron, scindapsus, monstera. syngonium, rhoicissus, dracaena. Also: asters, coltsfoot, red poppies. Many medicinal plants.

Colors: white, blue, purple, green.

Metal: mercury.



This sign is associated with the assimilation of food. Projection on the abdomen, stomach, small intestine, the duodenum, appendix. Virgos should be attentive to their diet. Their status at work may have significant impact on their well-being. Hardworking Virgo should certainly alternate work with rest, and observe healthy daily routine. They should stop their anger and criticism of themselves and others. For Virgos, wheat, bran, chicory, oats, rye, cheese, almonds, lean beef, zucchini, yogurt, and dates are useful. B vitamins are very important.



Virgo may be quite critical about the quality of service in restaurants. In general, they usually eat to live, not live to eat. Although sometimes they allow themselves to relax, it does not happen too often. In food, they are picky and very rational, strive for excellence, as in so many other things. They love not only tasty, but healthy food - they seriously take into account anything that may, in their opinion, influence their health. And if there is any danger, they are ready to give up their weaknesses. Virgos drink nonalcoholic beer, wine without alcohol, decaffeinated coffee, and eat low-fat yogurt. In their kitchen, everything is always in order, at least in the order of their understanding. They keep account of the vitamin and mineral content, and pay attention to the acid-alkaline balance. Out of fruit, they prefer fruit with tart and astringent taste. They love dried fruit, rye bread, honey, vegetables in general, and cucumbers in particular. They are always in favor of pastries. You can easily tempt them with a bagel or a cake.



Virgos love practicality and stability at home. They are very attentive to the small details, and try to improve them to the maximum. And since they usually care about their health, their home is rarely smoked, stuff, or messy. But as for the latter, Virgos can be divided into two groups: those in whose home you will not find dust even in the most remote corner and those who also love order, but their concept of it is somehow different from the generally accepted. But they feel perfectly comfortable in the environment that for others may seem chaotic. Usually Virgos have huge reserves of detergent, which they use up to far greater extent than the rest of the zodiac signs. Virgos are not afraid to change anything in the house. Repairs are somehow troublesome but necessary events for them. Their home is usually a little bit cold and impersonal, as this practical sign never wastes energy, feelings, or money on it once the project entitled "Rendering home a decent look" ends, and the analytical mind of this sign starts to focus on something else. However, they continue to keep the situation at home under control, constantly reminding family members and guests to maintain discipline and order.


Work, Profession, Business

Professional qualities of Virgo, as a rule, are never questioned. Executive and disciplined, always ready to show official zeal, Virgo is a gift to any boss. Maybe they are not absolutely brilliant but they earn a living with honest and hard work. Their qualities are highly valued by those who appreciate order and are used to control the situation. Their qualification most probably is above all praise, on top of which they are usually ready to continuously improve.

Virgos make good programmers and teachers; they may succeed in finance, medicine, and the kind of work which requires a good eye. They have no equal in reporting, schedules, or charts. They can become great market analysts, engineers, and secretaries.



Family for Virgos is one of the proofs that everything is in order. And the latter is the most important. Virgo often makes his or her marriage based on a marriage contract. The contract is there in their mind, and probably in their heart. Everything is listed there point by point, analyzed, and ready for Virgo to responsibly execute. Thus Virgos are patient in global issues, but may harass their family members every day. In the family, Virgo meekly undertakes and hard work or other responsibilities. They solve problems, help everyone, keep the house clean, and are devoted to their families. They are too timid and squeamish to look for relationship on the side, therefore, as a rule, they spend all their energy which remains from work on home and family. Virgos are a little bit puritans, for which they may not look exactly the same way in private life as in public one – in the former they are more sensitive and less cold.


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Libra is a sign which symbolizes harmony. Peacefulness and desire to settle all problems are their most important and frequent motives. Libra is diplomatic, elegant, romantic, and, at the same time, very purposeful. They are easy to get close to people, and know how to present their proposals in such a sensitive and unobtrusive way that, as a rule, they always get what they want. At the same time, they know how to look good and present themselves well. Joining efforts is valued very high by Libra. On the other hand, Libra is definitely not happy about competitors. "Who is not with us are against us", they would say.

Libra loves to have a choice. But when there is one, Libra type can hesitate for long to decide what to do or which way to go. They are, therefore, difficult to adjust to - you never know where they will let you down or help out. For the sake of balance (all "Scales" tend toward equilibrium by definition), Libra often does not categorically say "yes" or "no". Neither do they like to go against traditions, for which they avoid sharp corners or showdowns. Hidden agendas may also be used by Libra as a means to reach his or her goal.

Libra always listens to public opinion, because it is their environment, and they try not to break "the rules of the game." Libra type always feels the delicate boundaries, which he or she would not go beyond. Libra sometimes gets trapped among their social or cultural role, reputation, the desire for justice, and the desire for a beautiful relationship. If Libra fails to find the balance, he or she might show his or her negative sides - indecision, penchant for intrigue, and snobbery. But "serviceable" Libras will always do everything in moderation. Otherwise, why would they be called “Scales”?

Libra is an air element. The air unifies everybody. Balance between internal and external is what Libra seeks. It is the sign of the autumn equinox, when the decrease of light and heat starts, so the symbolic balance is very suitable at this time. Their beauty, charm and elegance contribute to the overall harmony.

Libra is the most frequent visitor of the beauty salons or hairdresser’s. They love visiting parties with music and dancing, fashion shows, flower shows, theaters, and galleries. They are often the life of the party. They have increased susceptibility to everything beautiful. They like when they get a work of art, fashion item, or jewelry. Whatever it is, it should be nicely packed. Libra also appreciates common gifts - for himself or herself and the partner.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Libra is Venus. She is the supporter of Fine Arts, the planet of love and beauty. These are the qualities Venus gives to Libra. The attractive Libra type really does attract others, offering to them to live in harmony and enjoy beauty and well-being. After all, Venus symbolizes the mutual attraction between people, although sometimes producing too frantic desire.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Libra are beryl and diamond, as well as other light-colored stones.

Plants: those with beautiful flowers and fruit, attractive, with a straight standing stalk. White Indian azalea, pineapple, decembrist, peppers, chrysanthemum with small flowers, croton, fatsia japonica. Also: Hydrangea macrophylla; lily, calendula, rose, violet.

Colors: dark blue, green, aqua and pastel tones.

Metal: copper



The sign of Libra includes waist, upper part of the pelvis, bladder, and kidneys. Libra affects the reproductive functions of the body, the endocrine, thyroid, and parathyroid glands. It is known that they may be predisposed to allergic reactions. Cleaning drinking water, vitamins A and E, as well as the harmony of their environment is important for them, wherever they may be. The meals of those Libras who care about their health should include iodine, which can be found in seafood, pineapple guava, carrots, beets, squash, pumpkins, or grapes.



This is a very refined and social sign. They love beauty in all its manifestations, including the exquisitely decorated table with lighting and a variety of dishes. Ready to take a combination of traditional and new-fangled, they prefer French cuisine. They favorites are oysters, snails, goat cheese, profiteroles, spinach, and veal, out of meat. They like to have lunch with business partners, and dinner - with private partners. They are capable of appreciating delicacies. They pay great attention to the serving, not standing snacks on paper. They would never eat scrambles eggs from the frying pan. They use a knife even when no one sees them. They do not stand unpretentious circumstances for meals. Food should be fresh, sophisticatedly prepared. On the other hand, they take care of their weight, which also influences their diet. Sometimes, however, they indulge yourself with something tasty. Libra loves strawberries, peaches, rice, and almonds.


Libra, as a rule, has good taste and a predisposition to graceful and elegant things. In their home, as well as in that of Taureans, there might be a collection of valuable items, but for the former the aesthetic aspect is also very important. Art pieces are almost always present in their home. Libra type is generally very sensitive to the looks of their surroundings. It is true that they are not always quite sure what and how they would like to arrange in the house, but the result of their choice is always very successful. The interior of their home simply radiates sophistication and harmony. They are not peculiar to the extreme, and they usually try not to depart too far from the traditional line - their interior is unlikely to surprise their guests with something unusual and extraordinary. For them, it is important that their home is considered a social place, and they strictly adhere to new fashion trends. And, being quick on their feet, they almost always have time for this. They consider partnership very important, and prefer to do the household chores, both large and small ones, in collaboration with the other members of the family. Libra will hardly dazzle you with his or her hospitality, but you can always count on a well-brewed tea in elegant cups and on lots of fun. Many Libra love parties with music and dancing, and often arrange them at home, but without abundant meals.


Work, Professions, Business

The ability to find and maintain balance is a very valuable asset in politics and diplomacy. Libra knows how to behave when it comes to receptions at the highest level, in situations where the nuances and shades are important. The pursuit of justice, though "with the right accent", is an inherent trait of Libra, which is very useful for them if they choose the profession of a lawyer. Libras make good designers, hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians, photo models, judges, and referees.



For Libra, family relationships are important. Harmonious partnership is their constant goal. Besides, being very prone to conventions and officialdom, true Libras prefer to formalize the relations and perform all marital duties in full, in the way they are prescribed by the social and socio-religious norms at a given time and place. As for marriage, Libra tries to build it on the principles of mutual participation and cooperation. The content of it may be perceived by Libras in different ways. Some need financial stability, some emotional talk, the goal of others is stepping on another social level. Libras’ approach to the selection of a partner for marriage is always balanced, and they will always behave exactly in accordance with what they want to achieve with the help of their partner.


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Scorpio is the second sign of water. He is associated with the ground water and, as Donna Mikler says, "... the water which is accumulated in caves, ponds, sewers, mines is a liquid released by the body." The water washes away all the excess, making room for the new.

Scorpio is a powerful sign of latent energy, death and rebirth – it is a phoenix, which is reborn from the ashes. Generally, Scorpios have magnetic appeal and are considered the most passionate and sexual zodiac sign. You may notice that sex (or talk about it) occupies their life to quite a great extent. Those, who fall under the influence of Scorpio, cannot get totally rid of it.

Scorpio is a sign of money. He tries to make money himself, but may also take somebody else’s share. Getting something at the expense of others is a thing a real Scorpio is truly proud of. They are always in search of new sources of energy and profits. Incidentally, many Scorpios often inherit or enjoy the benefits accumulated by previous generations.

This karmic sign is "doomed" to face the negative aspects of their personality. Realizing and feeling the "abyss" in themselves, the Scorpions do not trust others – this happens because they cannot even trust themselves. When they are very emotional, it is better to avoid them - they might have unintentional outbursts of emotions. But when Scorpio short of energy, he or she may have a subconscious desire to be recharged by that of a stranger. And they might do it quite without reservations. It is hardy sign capable to recuperate their enormous potential. The strength of the emotional charge and cravings push Scorpios to extreme forms of everything - sports, entertainment, relationships, and business. They take risk, and not even for the yield of it, but for the sake of the risk itself.

Scorpions are sworn enemies and rather complex friends. Their best defense is the attack, they believe. They are sarcastic, resentful, suspicious, and vindictive. On the other hand, they are determined, passionate, courageous and insightful.

Scorpios need a thrill. They may have exotic hobbies. Nightclubs, rock music, hunting, fishing, political clubs, sauna bath, strip bars are all places where you can easily find more than one Scorpio. Scorpions are sometimes passionate collectors of antiquities.

Forgetting about gifts for Scorpios on the important dates shall not happen – they will feel hurt real hard and for long. Although, it is not easy to please them with gifts - Scorpions are too suspicious not to look for a double meaning or a hint of something offensive. So choose gifts carefully, taking into account individual preferences and emotional state of Scorpio at the moment.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Scorpio is Pluto, the god of the underworld. This is a slow planet, and its influence extends to generations of people. Pluto symbolizes very concentrated power hidden within, but when it comes to the surface, it can result in a powerful explosion. Pluto "ensures" the huge potential Scorpio, its power and magnetism. It provides him with the power over others and makes them obey his will. Pluto makes Scorpios destroy and rebuild, modify and change, giving them secret advantages and psychic abilities.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Scorpio are amethyst, hematite, topaz, as well as other stones of deep and bright color.

Plants: moisture-laden ones with thorns, sometimes poisonous. Different types of cacti. White datura, dracaena draco, ginura (crocodile), ordinary oleander, faucaria tigrina, stapelia variegate, aloe mitriformis. Also: pink, peony, chrysanthemum.

Colors: yellow, scarlet, crimson.

Metal: iron. According to the present state, uranium too.



Scorpio is associated with genitals, the lower part of the body, the lower regions of the colon and rectum, the nasal area. Scorpios are often prone to infections, so they need to take care of themselves during epidemics and take preventive measures. In particular, they should strengthen their immune system. Vitamins C and E are important for them. It is useful to have food rich in iron - beef liver, buckwheat, pomegranates, walnuts, black currants, or nettles. It is recommended to avoid too spicy or excitatory food, which is otherwise their favorite.



Scorpios have unusual tastes in food. Their appetite is often related to their personal lives. They generally pay much attention to food invigorating and exciting sexual desires. Very sensitive to smells and colors, they especially prefer dark products. They love to cook using old recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. They love the exotic in everything, and food is not exception. They feel good having dinner at a nightclub, accompanied by an erotic show. Restaurants with oriental cuisine also meet their taste. As well as those where people know how to cook seafood. They also ike grilled meat. Out of bread, they prefer black. They love any combinations of mushrooms, sometimes even such as fly agaric. On top of this, everything has to be very sharp and salty, and, if possible, finely chopped.



Scorpio often inherits apartments and furniture. In other cases, he or she gets it due to any other involvement of the family or not even family. Scorpio type gets heavily involved in the arrangement of his or her home, just as it happens with everything else. Special attention is paid to the bedroom - the most important place for any Scorpio. Everyone who comes to his or her house should remember that criticism is not tolerated in general, and that of the house in particular. As a sign, often motivated by the urge to satisfy their desires, they may unexpectedly start to alter or rearrange something. A general plumbing repair may become the source of inspiration and cause for excitement. They like houses in hidden towns, just as darkened corners or blackout curtains. Scorpions enjoy new technology. At home, there is an extensive collection of erotic films and books. With neighbors, periods of war usually alternate with those of piece. At home, they appreciate cleanliness and order, and if they see neglectful attitude to their property, they would declare that person the first enemy. They usually do not create stocks of food, but graciously accepts gifts of others. Scorpios will save money on everything, except, again, their desires.


Work, Professions, Business

Scorpios are often genuine workaholics. They are assertive, tough, and always try to take the lead. Because of their enormous potential, craving power, acquisition and accumulation, Scorpios can achieve much. People are afraid of them, while Scorpios do not fear anything. Their intrigues ruin their competitors.

They are geniuses of financial planning; they may be brilliant in psychology, because they understand the internal problems of people based on their personal experience instead of just hearsay. They make successful surgeons - they "cut" without fear or reproach. They might also be good gynecologist, plumbers, pathologists or morticians. They have no equal in research and investigations. Intelligence and counterintelligence is their path too. They may safely try the vocations of detectives, archaeologists, or seismologists.



Social norms are not for Scorpios. Some of them get married because of passionate feelings, others because of calculation, while yet for others it is “heritage”. Scorpios are jealous. God forbid they suspect that someone attempts to get their "property" - the house will become the epicenter of open threats and hidden intrigue. They, however, cannot promise to stay faithful. Secret love affairs are their innocent hobby. After all, they are independent, sexy, and know no boundaries. Nonetheless, most often this is expressed in demonstrating this attitude, while real deeds do not follow. Scorpions are not as eager for change as they show it. But, nevertheless, it is not always easy to stay with them. But when it comes to taking care of the family budget, they arrange all sorts of delicate things – life is not boring on their side.


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Sagittarius is the last sign of the fire element. Like all fire signs, it is an active sign eager to express himself. The desire and ability connect in this type (not everyone can boast this). Sagittarians are not used to rest on their laurels, and are constantly in search of new opportunities.

Sagittarians are confident in themselves, their thoughts, and their actions. They have clear understanding of things, and are willing to share their views and knowledge. They are expansive and always ready to extend the existing framework and boundaries, ready for the breakthrough from the everyday existence into the sublime, the spiritual realm, the knowledge, and the establishment of new social traditions.

On the other hand, dangerous and uncharted "abyss" does not attract them. They "fit" into the traditional systems of knowledge - science, religion, and philosophy. Be "in authority" is important to Sagittarius. They consider themselves progressive and freedom-loving, do not like restrictions, but try not to break the established framework, and find a way around, or create new laws. Therefore, the law is their "element." Sagittarius makes good athlete. Unsportsmanlike conduct is rare in their lives. They know the rules, but can get around them beautifully. They rightfully believe that their disadvantages are a continuation of their merits. On the other hand, people in their environment may believe they have too high self-esteem (if the charm typical of Sagittarius is, by chance, not effective). Some of Sagittarius are ideological and religious fanatics. It often happens that Sagittarians see life the way they want to see it, not always soberly assessing what is happening.

Sagittarians accept only their own kind of order. However, it, as a rule, does not go beyond the usual. They are always ahead of others by "half-step", but they usually move in the same direction as others. They are leaders, not pioneers.

Their high aspirations easily find practical application, the latter not out of touch with reality. For these people it is important to feel comfortable and adequately respected. While the "unusual" shade suits them very much, of which they know.

Sagittarius is a sociable sign. They are often seen at receptions, public and religious organizations, sports clubs, and, in general, wherever worthy crowd gathers. Sagittarius is a good speaker, and can convince anyone of anything. Therefore, they may become "trendsetters" for certain things. These people strive to succeed in everything that interests them.

Sagittarius people are travelers, and like to get acquainted with different cultures and traditions. They are interested in foreign countries, sports, new books, philosophy and religion. They often try to surround themselves with the best possible, or consider the environment that surrounds them the best.

They love overseas things, being respected and try to expand their horizons, with such things as recreation or work abroad.


Ruler Planet

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Thus they have all reasons to be optimistic. Thanks to Jupiter, Sagittarius type is a really lucky one. Things for which others have to exert huge effort often arrive to Sagittarius “from the sky." For the sake of fairness though, it must be admitted that Sagittarians are always pleased with what they have. Jupiter shaped Sagittarius in such a way that they love long-term plans, which are usually quite expansive. Jupiter provides Sagittarius with a sense of credibility and integrity of creation.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones suitable for those born under the sign of Sagittarius are hyacinth, turquoise, and emerald, as well as stones of red or green color, or those with red or green dots.

Plants: tall plants. Plants with acid fruits. Room grapes, indoor bonsai, sansevieria trifasciata, clivia vermilion, schefflera actinophylla. Lemon and other citrus fruits. Also: carnation, daffodil, cornflower, palm.

Colors: red, blue, violet, purple.

Metal: tin.



Sagittarius is projected onto the lower part of the pelvis, hips, coccyx, sacrum, and affects the liver and the arterial system. They should eat less fat and sugar, and generally not get involved in any abuse. It is dangerous to overload the liver. Important are vitamins C, E, and B4. Asparagus, cabbage and cucumbers must necessarily be part of the diet. Useful food contains silica - figs, prunes, strawberries, or parsnips.



Their love of freedom extends to their culinary preferences. They prefer the genuine dishes. Bored during family meals, they enjoy eating out. Therefore we can safely invite them to a picnic. They are often seen in restaurants with Mexican cuisine. Their desire to expand can play a cruel joke with them - first they expand their culinary horizons, and then, in return, it expands their shape. Unfortunately they prefer food which leads to obesity. Their taste includes spreads, sour fruits, berries, herbs, eggs, seafood, sausages, and cocktails, sipping which they can meet and enjoy a chat with Gemini. They love dishes with spices and sauces. They also love cooking using foreign recipes.



Sagittarius is usually full of ideas and plans for their homes. He or she actively seeks to expand it, in which they usually succeed. At home, Sagittarius has to be respected. Like in case of Virgos, repairs at home are carried out with surprising regularity. Only force major may interfere with it. Sagittarius women keep the house perfectly, though, as a rule, they a little bit despise domestic affairs but are so well able to use the services and help of other people, such as housekeepers, nurses, or relatives, that the latter are even grateful to Sagittarius. In the  house of Sagittarius, there are much more overseas items than domestic ones. They appreciate comfortable furniture because they love to sit comfortably and get the most out of any process. High quality of life is one of the objectives pursued by the representatives of this sign. They love eating well at home, but can gladly eat out too. Usually they are not very hospitable, and may even get annoyed from unplanned presence of other people in the house. Collecting of books can be a passion of Sagittarius, for which there is usually a good library at their home.


Work, Professions, Business

Sagittarius people make great leaders. They are not very diligent and attentive to details to be good slaves, for which these qualities are necessary. Sagittarius people make good teachers; they can make a great career in the field of education. They move quickly ahead "on the public line," skillfully and beautifully taking the role of the sponsor (and without any losses to themselves). They perform well in charity work, and can make a career in science, or successfully work in a travel agency. This type can make charismatic politicians, prominent religious leaders, and strong athletes. Law is another area where Sagittarius has no equal. Yet another field suitable for Sagittarius is publishing. They might occupy positions at all levels - from the bookbinder to head publisher. Sagittarians can perfectly establish foreign relations and organize joint ventures with foreign partners. Sagittarians have many interests, and will always find something to do which will  please both their mind, and their heart.



True Sagittarius will not stay closed in a room. Seeking new knowledge, experiences, participating in public affairs and in general society is very important for them - without this Sagittarius feels very, very bored. Certainly, Sagittarians prefer to have a person worth their trust on their side. And who is useful in everyday life. And who has patience to nurture the plans of Sagittarius. And, of course, for Sagittarius it is important that their beloved ones are smart, educated, intelligent, and able to appreciate the ideas and lifestyle of Sagittarius. Energetic Sagittarians are generous to their family members, but they prefer to have family income under their control. No deviations from the moral and ethical standards are tolerated in the family; they despise and reject all liberties. However, when it comes to their own "games", they take a more lenient position. In this case, they do not lose their sense of humor.


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Capricorn is the third earth sign. In contrast to Cancer, who remains infantile until old age, Capricorns become adults when still in diapers. Typically, they are serious and responsible people. Outwardly calm and even slow, inside Capricorn people have raging emotions, which sometimes can break out. Highly targeted, they prefer to pursue their "here and now" goals. They are ambitious, and that is putting it mildly. Seeing the target, overcoming the obstacles to it, conforming to accepted standards and set limits means to live a full life for Capricorn. They are hardworking, decent, and if something does not work out quickly, they agree to switch to the slow mode. The important thing is not to lose sight of the goal. It is easier for them to wait than to adjust to something else. Reaching their goal, Capricorns do not calm down but set the following goal. This new goal, as a rule, is “worth the effort”.

Tangible results beckon Capricorns just as other earth signs - Taurus and Virgo. But in their case it happens in the "final stage." Taurus must reach something, Virgo must have something to analyze, but Capricorn is ready to use it all. Capricorns are calm and feel "at ease" if everything is securely, and they are "duly respected."

Giddy Capricorn is a nonsense. They relate to events seriously, behave seriously, and do not forgive others for the opposite attitude. This is why others consider them careerists, snobs or bigots. Capricorns devote themselves totally to their job, leaving no strength or energy for anything else.

Whatever can offer decent stability and wealth is evaluated most highly by Capricorns. They are ready to strive for it and wait for it, alternating these two conditions to finally come to the goal and take their due place, preferably closer to the "top of the pyramid." Law for Capricorn is a sacred thing, though every Capricorn decides for himself which "constitution" to comply with.

Even Capricorns prefer to combine leisure with deeds. They find it difficult to relax, move around aimlessly, do something just for the sake of pleasantness. For fun, they would chose events with colleagues, prestigious events in prime locations, political clubs, or formal events in reputable restaurants. For gifts, one need to know exactly what they need, or rather ask them - Capricorns are very serious about the things, and their mood may be spoilt by non-functional objects.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Capricorn is Saturn. The planet of time, order, and rigid structure it symbolizes concentration, isolation, duty, responsibility, and karma. They are the "hand of fate", which provides each with "his cross", and ensures that all debts are "paid." They teache lessons that will be repeated until learned "by heart." Saturn gives control and braking, so that life does not seem mere pleasure.

Saturn teaches Capricorn responsibility, professional excellence, and fills their horizon with solving financial problems and tests.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Capricorn are chrysoprase, jet, onyx, as well as black and ash color stones.

Plants: slow-growing, straight sturdy stems, sometimes biting. Dracaena deremensis fragrant, conifers, ficus elastica, yucca ivory. Plants are "living stones." Fan palm, jade (money tree). Also: white carnation, black poppies.

Colors: dark green, black, ash gray, gray, pale yellow, dark brown and all dark colors.

Metal: lead.



Capricorn belongs to the skeleton, as well as to the knees, joints, cartilage, hair and salt metabolism. Capricorn’s diseases are often associated with hypothermia and stagnation. These diseases may quite often can become chronic. Capricorns need vitamins A, C and E. They are encouraged to eat lean meat, egg yolks, bran, lentils, almonds, as well as cabbage, cucumber, spinach, celery, strawberries, blueberries, plums, and figs.



Practical people, Capricorns do not tolerate obstacles on their way. Also because they are a bit snobbish, they prefer prestigious restaurants, dinner parties where you can get to know useful and influential people. They take care of their health, choose dishes which grow on the ground, and which you have to chew. Traditional gastronomic approach is very important for them. They can prepare meals which require patience. They like restaurants with Chinese food, pickles, and marinades. They like this kind of food in spite of the fact that salty and spicy dishes, especially in uncontrolled amounts, can adversely affect their salt metabolism. Their diet must include food with bitter taste, prunes, black bread, beans, and mushrooms. They are sensitive to the temperature of the food, and they need a lot of liquid.



When it comes to real estate, just as in many other fields, Capricorn is serious and responsible. They get involved in long-term projects, and patiently wait for the result. It often happens that Capricorn acquire their own house later than others. They use every opportunity to make their home nice, and require discipline and punctuality from their family members. They sincerely believe that only they know the only right and fair solution, and only they know how to separate the important from the unimportant. They see it their duty to bring this truth to others. By this, they might terrorize their family members. As a rule, clocks and calendars are very important to them, just as the furniture, which they select very thoughtfully. Their house may be cool, both literally and figuratively. Their home is usually dominated by dark colors. It is usually quite conservative, because they do not like to part from the established traditions. All documents are in perfect order, all the safety regulations strictly observed, the doors and windows securely locked. As for the shopping for home, Capricorn prefers prestigious stores; as for hospitality, they invite influential and useful people. They are very practical, and very often take active part in construction and repair works.


Work, Professions, Business

Work is something which Capricorns understand best. They are the ones who contribute order and stability to projects. They are very ambitious and focused, for which career at work, prosperity in business, and order at home are all such things for which God must have created Capricorn. They like the long-term prospects. Capricorn-subordinates are reliable and disciplined, but, since they are ambitious, they will not miss their chance. Capricorn-bosses are strict, demanding, and do not like the initiative and original ideas. They are often oppressive – they are disciplined themselves, and do not tolerate any looseness in others. All Capricorn-subordinates want to become Capricorn-bosses.

The most suitable areas of activity for Capricorn are the work associated with construction, real estate, administrative, and economic sphere. They might be "heavy-weight" politicians or major directors. Capricorns may be interested in businesses related to clocks, means of protection, or office furniture. And, of course, when choosing a career, prestige is not the last aspect for Capricorn.



Capricorns take family as seriously as anything else – they do not know any other attitude. Capricorns are rarely interested in having an affair; they usually do not deal with someone who does not inspire confidence or does not seem reliable. Capricorns choose their partners consciously, calculating options, negotiating mutual commitments, and only after this  give way to their feelings, the latter not always taking place. Reputation and prosperity of the groom (the bride) is usually more important for Capricorn than many other advantages. Capricorns may consider marriage as a long-term project in which investments have to return with interest. Typically, the ambiance in their home is rather conservative - they do not tolerate fooling around, and their family members know about it. They will ensure order in the family in general, and in the life of every single family member in particular. Capricorns care for decent façade; they fight for preserving their family to the very end, no matter what the external circumstances or internal conflict are.


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Aquarius is the third sign of the air element. It is considered the most independent and freedom-loving sign. He, indeed, depends on the internal program of his ideas and plans. And there is no lack of the latter in case of Aquarians - sometimes they seem to be just "drunk" because of their ideas. They take any decision independently, even if these decisions concern other people. The fact that saves these people is that Aquarians usually do not go beyond ideas - practical details and routine does not attract them too much. Aquarians are focused on the future; they are too progressive to be wise; they are too overwhelmed with new ideals, too much in a hurry to bring happiness to humanity to learn from their own mistakes. Aquarians are very often trapped by the same things without even noticing it.

Aquarius are humanists. They find it usually difficult to understand and love each person individually, but they are full of love for humanity in general. Aquarians do not need power - they just want to be listened to and heard; they need supporters and it is important for them what other people think of them. However, they are not going to adapt - they will argue and prove their case, calling everybody around to be witnesses.

Aquarius is revolutionary; this type has no time to wait for things to gradually settle. He or she would rather "destroy them to the ground, and then ..." - by the way, what exactly happens "then" Aquarians themselves may not yet know. But they usually do not know the state of rest - they want everything to run and accelerate. Aquarians’ creative force shows when they do not meet obstacles, which, unfortunately, is very rare. They encounter everything which contradicts their view of the world of the given moment with strong resistance. It is easy to step on the ground which is “of interest” for Aquarius and to have him or her started "with a half-turn," but it makes no sense, because you never know how Aquarius will react.

Aquarians are talented inventors. For them, it is easier to come up with something new than to mess with the old. Their ideas are usually original, unexpected, and elegant. They are intuitive and often have psychic abilities; they are sometimes inspired, which can lead either to a genuine discovery or obsessions.

Sense of humor is something that Aquarians do have, and what they are proud of. However, their sense of humor might sometimes be quite special.

One never knows what comes to mind of Aquarius. Neither do they know this. Although they are very sudden, they very poorly adjust to the changes that come from the outside. This combination of mobility and inertia sometimes produces interesting and unpredictable results. Their unpredictability derives from the fact that for Aquarius it is usually easier to change something radically than to dig into old problems. Sometimes, however, their changes do not make any sense. Aquarius is considered to be impractical. They would, of course, disagree with this. They consider themselves terribly clever when gain even a little, not realizing that in the meantime they lost quite a lot.

Aquarius is an air element. Not all Aquarians "take off" immediately, and they do not always do so. Some of them require a good run before “taking off”. And during it, they behave in very "earthly" manner: they think of small-scale problems, take care of the momentary, and look pretty shrewd. And, of course, they can "run up" for a long time, maybe even most of their life. But all of this happens until a certain point of time, until their soul craving for freedom and weary breaks out, finally, to freedom. Some believe Aquarius are economical. Perhaps it is so, because Aquarians do not want to have debts and prefer to have everything they might need on hand, in order not to sacrifice their independence and not to burden others with requests. Aquarians tend to not like to borrow and lend money – they are not in favor of this form of financial relations.

Aquarians love relaxing with friends, hiking, traveling, having intelligent conversation, visiting museums of modern art - all these are usually of interest for Aquarius. They may have interesting hobby, and they are happy to spend on it both time and energy. Aquarians love extravagant gifts, and after time find function even for unnecessary things.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Aquarius is Uranus. In mythology it is God of Heaven. This probably explains why Aquarius "hover" in the air, seeing no obstacles and enjoying a truly cosmic scale of thoughts and plans. Aquarius see everything "from above". This is why they consider themselves called to observe high moral principles. The importance of the task entrusted to them makes them very, very suspicious. Uranus is the planet of intuition and sudden changes. This planet leads Aquarius beyond boundaries and limitations, giving them the huge concepts, altruism, and calls for the unification of mankind.


Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Aquarius are rock crystal, obsidian, sapphire, and black pearl.

Plants: Maranta tricolor, Dracaena godseffiana, maple, lemon-yellow Callistemon, spurge finest, violets, myrtles, rose.

Colors: red, purple, blue-green, purple. Bad color: black.

Metals: lead (traditionally) and aluminum (based on new data)



Aquarius is projected on the shin area, and controls the nervous system of the body. Aquarians are also associated with blood disorders, arthritis, and varicose veins. Stress is particularly harmful for Aquarius, to whom peace and orderliness are especially recommended. They need to learn to cope with stress, which often challenges their nervous system. Useful vitamins are C and E. Seafood, cabbage, spinach, celery, carrots, lentils, radishes, apples, figs are recommended. Garlic and citrus are also useful.



Aquarians, just like Gemini, usually do not dwell on the food, but for different reasons. They believe they are above it, preferring food for the mind rather than that for the stomach. But sometimes they are cunning, because they might still find eating enjoyable. They can make interesting and unusual dishes, as they have no great respect for the traditional approach and like to experiment. In addition, they hate throwing products away, preferring to add them to meals and, thus, may become the ancestors of famous new recipe. They eat vegetable side dishes in any quantities, but would not either refuse cold cuts. For them, restaurants with Russian cuisine are suitable, with the emphasis on fruit and vegetables. And they are happy to share a meal with friends.



Aquarius’s home is interesting. This sign is in step with the time, and this time is future. He or she may surprise you with a variety of novelties, household and entertainment cutting edge products, for which there will always be room in his or her house. The most innovative interior design ideas will be implemented in his or her home. Aquarius people love extravagance and humor - they might invent such solutions as to drive the traditional Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer mad. Aquarians love paradoxes and combining the incompatible. Luxury items usually do not fall in the scope of their interests. They rather focus on the space, light colors, modern materials, and lightweight construction. Paradoxically, they do not like to part with things. Instead, they have the talent to remake and reshape them into something useful and attractive. If it is not possible, then after some time the space is getting smaller and smaller, because of which they themselves often start to suffocate. As a rule, they do not like to close the doors in the house, since they love freedom and are curious. They often start acting on impulse. For example, Aquarius may go to the kitchen to wash the cup, and in an hour you will find him or her in the midst of repair, or, at least, general cleaning. On the other hand, some Aquarians are such anarchists that it absolutely inappropriate to even talk about tidiness.


Work, Professions, Business

Aquarians are hardworking but not stable. They spare no effort, but they are often taken off track quite far from their objectives. Working in a team, achieving their objectives in collaboration with others is something that Aquarians usually seek. The team, on the other hand, is sometimes "exhausted" from the whims and will of Aquarius. Whatever activity Aquarians do, they add to it the new and the unusual. Aquarians may get involved in humanitarian projects. They make good social scientists or engineers. Aquarius and computers constitute a separate issue. Computers either freeze in the presence of Aquarius, or are conquered by them forever. Aquarians’ calling is astrology, astronomy, and everything related to the space. Aquarians are inventors, experimenters, and innovators.



As regards family, Aquarians harbor illusions too often. They are often singles, but if married, they get so quite early, to be ahead of others in this field too. Besides, this is an uncharted zone for them, which, like everything new, beckons their curiosity. This kind of curiosity may be maintained until a more mature age too, but then Aquarius is already aware that family life would make him or her give up some freedom and impose limitations. Over time, many Aquarians tend to view family as a threat to their freedom. Aquarians often remain single or maintain non-official relationships. Family Aquarians will never let you down; they are always on the side of the family, ready to participate in all, even the smallest events, and would torture their family members, if it were not their interests not limited to family.  They sometimes immerse in their interests, and leave their family some "breathing space." At home, Aquarians do not like to obey or be bossy with others. They wish that their family be a group of like-minded people, who energetically, cheerfully, and singing songs go through life on the path selected by Aquarius.


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Pisces is the third sign of the element of water. It is the last sign of the zodiac - they have to "face" the achievements and defeats of the previous signs. They are closing the zodiac, for which it is them who need to collect the yield of the current cycle, and give life to a new one. In Pisces, the past struggles with the future, and therefore Pisces feel all imaginable and unimaginable fears which they can and must overcome. The only thing which is clear for them is that nothing is clear about them. This is the most mysterious character, so Pisces often face the fact that there are only few people who truly understand them. No surprise, because sometimes even they cannot understand themselves.

Pisces, like Libra, seek harmony, but in contrast to Libra, they seek world-scale harmony. Pisces tend to be contemplative and often self-absorbed. They are emotional, and have rich inner life and vivid imagination. What Pisces (as well as those who are close to them) are short of is responsibility. The uncertainty and indecision of Pisces may be annoying for their environment. On the other hand, Pisces compensate these traits with compassion, attention, sensitivity and delicacy. Pisces provoke hysterical reactions, are touching, irritate, attract, frighten, arouse contempt or sincere gratitude, but will never leave one indifferent. They easily become dependent (dependency of any kind, including that on alcohol or drugs). It is easy to persuade them. On the other hand, it is not easy to have them maintain that position for long – they will most often break free.

Sometimes Pisces make an attempt to do some planning and create order. It helps them not to go completely off the rhythm of life. But this order is often visible only for Pisces themselves - from the outside it seems to be complete anarchy. Pisces are hard to focus; it is easier for them to act intuitively. And the outcome justifies this approach. Only Pisces can make everything out of nothing, without making any effort. This is their strong side.

Pisces often see things which are hidden from others. Sometimes it is brilliant intuitive insight, while in other cases just an illusion. Thus it is difficult to decide what you can rely on and what it should stay away from. This is where the uncertainty of Pisces and their usual difficulties of decision-making come from. They may hesitate for long, and no one ever knows in advance what they will choose. They are generally easier to "float away" from the problem than to solve it.

Pisces are very different – there are a great many versions of them. There are pikes, minnows, remora fish, etc. etc. But even the "active" subspecies often lose their footing in their enthusiasm and aggressiveness, being thrown and tossed from side to side, changing the target on the move, without relying on the rational arguments but on subconscious impulses instead. And yet, as a rule, fish swim with the stream. From which, by the way, they often only benefit. "Passive" Pisces prefer to expect the events that will help them in solving their various problems.

With Pisces, mysterious and inexplicable events can happen. They generally attribute great importance to intangible factors, having recognized that these factors play an important role in life in general, and in their lives in particular.

Pisces love to relax in nature, get involved in art, and seek solitude. If you present them a gift for the soul, you will not miss. The main thing is to get them in the mood, which is not easy.


Ruler Planet

The ruler planet of Pisces is Neptune. Lord of the depths of the sea and striving for independence, Neptune is changeable and mysterious. He symbolizes the subconscious, makes Pisces fatalists, and removes the border line between reality and illusion. Knowing that each Pisces have a vast ocean inside, much can be explained in their behavior. Neptune make Pisces "immerse" in himself, making them passive, inspirational, dreamy, contemplative, and receptive. Neptune renders Pisces evasive and sometimes provides them with mystical abilities. Pisces do not have too much energy, but they have faith in abundance.

Stones, Plants, Colors, Metal

Stones, suitable for those born under the sign of Pisces are sapphire, red coral, beryl, as well as other bright stones.

Plants: Pisces like algae, sometimes with fragrant scent or beautiful flowers. Aquarium plants, sea cucumber, rhipsalis,. tsiperus (umbrella plant), orchid, jade lycopsids, brownish siderasis. Also: narcissus, crocus, jasmine, violets, forget-me-not.

Colors: purple, violet, sea green, blue, purple, aqua, steel.

Metal: tin.



Pisces are associated with feet and soles, as well as the fluid system of the body. For Pisces, correct medication is very important. They should stay as far as possible from alcohol or other intoxicating things. Pisces are prone to colds, but most of their illnesses are directly related to their emotional state. The important vitamins are E, A and C. Fresh fruit, salad, raisins, honey, seafood, beans, and spinach are also useful for them. But what they need most is the understanding and compassion of others.



First of all, they need to pay attention to the quality of alcohol, and generally drink alcohol in moderation. Their fate is to eat those who are similar to them - seafood and fish restaurants suit them most. Even if they eat burgers, fish is better than meat. It is important to rather eat steamed dishes and puree soups. They have a great and compassionate heart, and they try to feed everyone who comes close to them. But do not hold your breath, because most often it refers to pets or other animals. It is better to brew green tea, and use honey instead of sugar. Neither do they reject delicate and sophisticated dishes. We also advise them to visit vegetarian restaurants from time to time.



Pisces often arrange their home in a way only they can understand, if anybody. Much unconscious, deeply personal and difficult-to-define is there in their environment, which even they sometimes find it difficult to explain. Dirt and dust in their home is not tolerated at all. At the same time, not being deprived of rebellion, they may not care about the strict tidiness. They often have pets, to whom they allow to do whatever they want. They also love restocking the bar. But the priority number one is the arrangement of the bathroom, where they can spend almost hald of their free time. Any home procedures related to water - from washing to jacuzzi – are a balm for their soul. You may often hear nice quiet music in their home; you may count on their understanding and support. The degree of responsibility of this sign varies greatly: some of them can call a locksmith if they see a single extra drop in the bathroom, while another may wait until everything collapses absolutely. They love their home to be warm, ventilated, and quiet.


Work, Professions, Business

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, who favors musicians and composers. Pisces can show their talents in all forms of art. Their compassion and sensitivity is very beneficial if they work in charitable organizations, shelters (including those for abandoned animals), or rehabilitation centers. Their calling is ecology, religion, and philosophy. On the other hand, there is something in Pisces people which allows them to be good jailers, professional alcoholics, or drug addicts. Typically, Pisces have a talent for hypnosis.

Unfortunately, punctuality is not a typical trait of Pisces. Their sense of time is poor, and they find it difficult to work where a clear work schedule and strict rules prevail, unless, of course, a specific Pisces person developed a quality to never be late and not let others down. Such Pisces also exist.



To Pisces, family is important. It is there that Pisces wish to "warm " their soul, forget about the imperfections and cruelty of the outside world, enjoy the peace and comfort, and gain strength. Fish are ready to "dissolve" in the family, supporting its members, care and help them. At least this is how they perceive themselves, but, of course, the reality might not always correspond to their perception. Characterized by extremes, they can be as obedient slaves and household tyrants. Emotions can be "off-scale", and render the words and actions of Pisces irrational and destructive. They may lack practical ingenuity, and their wisdom is not always applicable to the specific situation. They sometimes do not realize what is happening, and make wrong conclusions. At the same time, it is difficult to convince them: they either argue until losing voice or get offended; in other cases, they even might go to look for a more suitable "pond." But the real punishment for a family of Pisces can become their bad habits or addictions. But Pisces always understand and sympathize, and if someone needs these traits, he or she must have at least one Pisces in his or her family.


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