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Astrology can be perceived differently, and any extremes in this respect, as all extremes, are unlikely to be true. Astrology is both science and art, and it certainly "works" and can really help people.

It is worth to listen to astrology. As our predecessors said, "we should not go off the Heavenly Road ", should live in harmony with the environment, people around us, as well as ourselves. Besides, astrology is definitely a good method to help in purely practical matters.

Astrology has been part of our life for long. But for the absolute majority of people in our materialistic age, astrology means only the popular astrology. Popular astrology appears everywhere - in newspapers, magazines, on radio and on television. Some people are amused by it, some are annoyed, yet others stay indifferent. However, it has little to do with the professional astrology, which allows us to see the meaning of the typical features of people, the sense filling his or her life and his or her creative potential.

Technically, the difference between the professional and popular astrology is the fact that the latter divides all humanity into 12 parts, and forecasts similar future to each twelfth of the total population of the Earth.

PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGY begins with the calculation and construction of your individual horoscope. It is the symbolic star map of your fate on Earth. It reflects the positions of all the planets of the Solar System at the moment of your birth. This map is unique, belongs only to you. All links and elements of a horoscope may fully reoccur approximately every billion years. Each factor in the horoscope can tell and help foresee a lot. The sign of the zodiac in which the the Planet Earth is and what the relationship with other planets is influences how the person’s characteristics will manifest themselves in particular areas, which traits of the character will appear and how.

We are talking about a person’s predisposition, about the potential inherent to this person. The further development depends on the person, on the level of his or her consciousness, spirituality and abilities to use creatively their potential.



Furthermore, astrology is the only area of the human knowledge which deals with time. It allows to to see what is the most important and relevant for an individual at a certain moment, what kind of problems he or she will face. In particular, it is possible to foresee in advance the time when there is increased likelihood of health problems, of a turning point in the career, of important events in the personal life, of financial difficulties to overcome, when the financial peak may be possible, as well as many other important things in life.

Individual astrological predictions are intended to help us at least understand the interrelationship and interdependence inherent in a particular person, understand what the best solutions of particular situations are, help set priorities for a person in general and for a given time in particular. This is especially important at the times of crises, when errors can have far-reaching consequences.

The characteristics of our program are the following.

  1. We only deal with professional astrology, and only professional astrologers with experience of over 25 years work with us.
  2. All forecasts and recommendations are individual, and are based on the analysis of your individual horoscope (natal chart) and cosmic factors of the time of birth. When producing forcasts and recommendations, the interaction between the horoscope and the position and other parameters of the 10 planets of the Solar System from the Sun to Pluto are taken into account.
  3. You will get your own personal horoscope, your natal chart, and will be able to analyse it on the basis of the information on the astrological symbolism.
  4. The program applies the modern modification of the classic astrological techniques of analysis and forecasting, particularly the transits and progressions.
  5. Computer programs have been created by an association of professional astrologers and professional programmers, a team working together for about 25 years and having experience of development astrological computer programs from the time when the first Russian astrological programs were created.
  6. The texts of interpretations and recommendations are produced by the same team of astrologers.
  7. At each certain point of time a variety of planetary factors, often contradictory ones are at work. People cannot take into account, "digest", and respond to each of them. In our forecasts and recommendations, we consider those which on the basis of our experience are the most important ones, which determine priorities and require elaboration in most cases.
  8. In addition to the individualized information of the personal horoscope, we also provide professional information on the general situation in the planetary space, which exerts influence on all of us, and which sometimes is referred to as "astrological weather. " This is a very important point. On the basis of this information, a separate branch of astrology was born, the elective astrology (or the astrology of selection), which deals with selecting of the best time for different sorts of activities. Such recommendations are also available.
  9. Constant communication with the astrological information by means of our services provide yet another view of the world. It connects you with the astrological symbolism, which for millennia has been the bridge between the logic and the intellect of man and the cosmos laws, a part of which we all are, regardless of whether we admit it or not.
  10. Finally, this program is a living one, still evolning and growing. Astrology is inexhaustible. We have ambitious plans for improving the already existing services and for creation of new, equally interesting and vital ones. Not in least, it will depend on the feedback that we will receive from you.


Now any person who is not familiar with astrology but who wants to constantly have professional forecast, will not have to turn to an astrologer for advice in all situations. "STAR WAY" will help you understand the nature of events and predict their time with precision of a few minutes.



Using astrological program "STAR WAY" you will get the following:

  • Calculation and creation of your natal chart by professional astrologers with over 25 years of experience, with the ability to analyze astrological symbolism;
  • Personal horoscope based on the natal chart, taking into account the transit and progression analysis techniques;
  • Detailed list of the effects for the entire forecast period, from the duration of 1 day to 1 year;
  • Author interpretation of the horoscopes issued by the Institute of Practical Astrology, according to a specified horoscope aspect;
  • Calculation of the most important priority effects and time intervals with the greatest impact on the daily events, with the precision of a few minutes;
  • Selection of the topic of the horoscope (business, finance, love life, health horoscope, horoscope for drivers.

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