Horoscope: Examples
Starting date: 2017.05.05
Ending date: 2017.05.12
User Place: Moscow (55.755826,37.6173)


Zone 1

This place can give you the opportunity to feel like you’ve become the focus of attention. Here you can feel more active, have a burst of energy, including on a personal note. This is a good place for creativity, leadership skills, sporting wins.
  • Creativity, creative activity.
  • Political events.
  • Important meetings and events in which you should show yourself brightly.
  • Presentations, hospitality and promotional activities.
  • Games. Entertainments. High jinks.
  • Adventures, including love affairs.
  • Sporting events.
  • Recreational activities.
  • Ceremonial events.
  • Leisure time. Outside activities.
  • Spending time with children.
  • Purchase of gold and other jewelry.

Zone 2

This place is good for conducting negotiations, planning business communication, including the signing of documents. It can give a feeling of lightness of being, quick reaction, increased intellectual work and sociability. This is where good ideas can come to your mind. And even chatting on your cell phone can be especially pleasant, comfortable and productive here. But it is also important to stay focused.
  • Business meetings.
  • Signing contracts and business documents.
  • Meetings and communication, both with comrades and friends, and new acquaintances and contacts.
  • Educational and training activities. Promotional activities and PR.
  • Consulting and advising.
  • Relaxed and varied shopping.
  • Commercial events.
  • Working on a laptop, solving problems in the field of new technologies.
  • Communication of all kinds.
  • Medical treatments.

Zone 3

There is an increased chance of meeting someone or someone who suits you, will please or flatter you. And there is an increased chance of meeting even your love. This place promotes negotiations in a harmonious atmosphere, finding compromises, and creative activity. And here you are easily pleased. This place can provide good conditions and comfort, here you can spend time with pleasure. It is promotes resolving disputes and legal matters.
  • Business and personal meetings.
  • Love dates. Acquaintances.
  • Visit to a beauty salon.
  • Conducting presentations, promotional and creative events.
  • Visit to a theater, exhibition, concert, art gallery.
  • Purchase of groceries, art objects, beautiful, fashionable and expensive things, fashionable clothes.
  • Addressing financial issues.
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