Who lights the stars?


If you look up on a clear, cloudless night, then you will see a magnificent picture of the starry sky.
Thousands of flickering multi-colored lights add up to bizarre figures, captivating the eye.
One day, I read an interesting phrase.
It was written that if the stars are lit, then someone needs it ...
I thought... Mentally plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of the cosmos and wanted to learn a little more about the vastness of the universe...
In the evening, looking at the night sky, I thought, “Who lights the stars?”.
My imagination drew me beautiful account lanterns, which are almost invisible during the day, but with the onset of night, they shine brightly.
In ancient times, people believed that it was lanterns burning, fixed on a crystal firmament, they looked at the stars and saw in bizarre figures that form groups of bright stars, images of animals and mythical heroes.
Such figures in the sky began to be called constellations.
Now also, with the naked eye, many stars can be seen in the sky at night.
And if you take a telescope, you can see even more ...
But who lights them up? Yes, the stars do not shine because every night someone lights them up, but they glow because they are celestial bodies in which an explosion occurs.
But it's so nice sometimes to look at the sky in the evening and mentally immerse yourself in a beautiful and mysterious fairy tale...
The stars are watching us constantly
The stars say a lot about us.
They can see everything from heaven
It's no wonder they burn brightly!

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