Is it good to believe in miracles?


Is it good to believe in miracles?
It's up to you to decide!
But, even adherents of a strictly scientific approach should sometimes open themselves to the world of fairy tales, fantasies and magic. It can be an amazing journey that will take us to a colorful and exciting world with its own rules and laws. Such a departure from reality can have the same healing effect, tearing a person away from a difficult routine with a constant kaleidoscope of depressing news events. According to experts, belief in the irrational, but positive, helps people let go of difficult situations and psychologically tune in to the best. From a series of different events, it is not without reason that we try to isolate the joyful, the source of which can be miracles. Another thing is that the world of miracles should not capture the mind without a trace. Too deep immersion or a long stay in it can take a person away from reality to an unacceptable distance.

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