Horoscope for January 2023 - a general characteristic of the season for all signs of the zodiac


Horoscope for January 2023 - a general characteristic of the season for all signs of the zodiac
2023, for many, began with the New Year holidays, which gradually turned into religious ones. According to Christian tradition, the period from January 7 to 19, the border between the world of people and spirits becomes thinner, which is why many events turn out to be fateful.
It is noteworthy that the celestial chart, according to the astrological forecast, showed the retrograde movement of two whole planets - Mars and Mercury. Their influence will last just until mid-January.
Until January 12, retrograde Mars gave a lot of strength and energy, but it was better to direct them to yourself, and not to new beginnings. Also, until the 18th, Mercury retrograde has its effect, so it was better to devote the beginning of the month to planning.
Therefore, we recommend that you postpone all serious acquisitions, marriage or starting a business to the third decade of January.
For the first two weeks, the signs of the zodiac should concentrate on unfinished business and paying off debts, since the warlike Mars will slow down plans.
In addition, the retrograde position of the planet Mercury, which is responsible for movement, finance and communication, warns of the risk of emergency and traumatic situations. You should be more careful with the equipment and be careful on the roads, especially in icy conditions. It is also undesirable to take loans and go on long trips.
In the middle of winter, it is best to focus on learning, connecting with family and close friends, and repairing and clearing the space of old things.
According to the Chinese horoscope, the Black Water Rabbit will become the symbol of the coming year 2023, which will especially generously bestow attention on representatives of the water element - Crayfish, Scorpions and Pisces. The eared patron is considered the happiest in the eastern calendar, as he gives good luck in love, study, creativity and communication.

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