"Silver Clouds"


There is a wonderful song "Silver Clouds"... It is different for everyone... Everyone will see in it their own depth, their own emotions and feelings.
You close your eyes and see passing silvery clouds... The most interesting thing is that this is not only a game of the author's imagination. If desired, this tale can be made true.
Noctilucent clouds are a relatively rare atmospheric phenomenon, extremely rarefied clouds that arise in the mesosphere under the mesopause (at an altitude of 76-85 km above the Earth's surface) and are visible in deep twilight, immediately after sunset or before sunrise. They are observed during the summer months at latitudes between 43° and 65°[4] (North and South latitudes). It was possible to prove that similar phenomena take place on other planets, in particular, on Mars.
By the way, a few years ago, the American rover Curiosity, which has been working on Mars since 2012, sent back to Earth pictures of unusual Martian clouds similar to those on Earth.
This is reported in the NASA blog.
The publication noted that clouds in the thin Martian atmosphere are formed infrequently - usually their formation occurs in the equatorial zone during the coldest time of the year. At the same time, in the last Martian year (two Earth years ago), the researchers noticed clouds that formed earlier than expected. This time, Curiosity was ready to observe and was able to capture these clouds in mid-March with its color and black and white cameras.
Judging by the sent images, these clouds formed above the usual Martian clouds, which form at an altitude of about 60 kilometers from the surface of Mars. And if ordinary clouds are formed from water ice, then those taken by the rover, apparently, consisted of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide).
NASA added that the cloud images were taken just after sunset - the last rays of the sun fell on the ice crystals that make up the clouds, creating the impression that the clouds glow against the darkening sky. Similar clouds are occasionally observed on Earth and are called noctilucent clouds.

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